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No two women smell the same when wearing the same perfume.

No two women smell the same when wearing the same perfume.

Have you ever smelled a perfume you loved in the store, got home and it didn’t give you the same satisfaction, or bought the same perfume as your work friend but again, somehow it smells different? A fun fact about perfume is that no two individuals smell the same when wearing the same perfume.

We have done some research to help you understand the reason behind this and help you find a solution to help you get the smell you are looking for.

1) Skin type: It is very important to moisturize! Your skin condition tends to make a huge difference to the smell of your perfume when your skin is dry vs when your skin is oily. Oilier skin holds top notes longer and sweetens a scent, while dry skin does the opposite. Keep in mind that your moisturizer also has an impact on the end result so make sure the fragrance of your moisturizer pairs well with your perfume.

2) Ph and Hormone balance:  This is also something that affects individuals on different levels. Anything below 7 is acidic, above 7 is alkaline, and 7 is neutral. Some of the soaps and moisturizers can affect your ph balance.  Your hormonal balance can be changed through your diet which comes to our next point.

3) Diet: Eating healthy makes a huge difference in the way your skin feels and sweats. Eating healthy can also help balance your hormones making you feel more confident when wearing your perfume.

There are a lot of things that affect how your body reacts when perfume is applied and even how long the perfume lasts on your skin, therefore, a perfume may smell fantastic on your friend but smells different when applied to your skin.

That’s why we encourage you to try before you buy. If you aren’t happy then look for a scent that suits you better. Contact your papillon distributor to try our variety of scents.


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