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New Year, New Fragrances

New Fragrances for a New Year

It’s a new day. It’s also a New Year which makes most South Africans very happy, because the previous year, 2020, was really tough and challenging on many fronts. Consequently, it’s to be expected that most of us welcome 2021 with open arms and a sense of relief, ready to start afresh in areas that we’d like to revive and improve upon.

New Year’s Resolutions

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? What were they? Have you kept to them thus far? Did you include something special with which to spoil yourself just a little bit, even though times are still tough, much as they are throughout the rest of the world?

Time to Treat Yourself

Perhaps it’s more important than ever to treat yourself now, at the beginning of a brand new year, precisely because you and virtually all South Africans are still confronted with health, lifestyle and economic challenges.

Subtle, New Affordable Changes

New, small, affordable changes can make the world of difference in how you feel about yourself and the pressures of the world out there. A new hairstyle or a new lipstick may do the trick. How about a new perfume?

Usher in the New Year

Finding and wearing a new fragrance is one of the most subtle, new affordable “feel good” changes ladies and gents can make to usher in the New Year, ready to meet its joys and challenges with confidence. It makes good sense, doesn’t it? Smell good, feel good and do well, all thanks to a new fragrance that makes you feel special and renewed.

Remember, one becomes so accustomed to the smell of a favourite, regularly-worn scent that eventually, you don’t even notice or appreciate its fragrance anymore. If you’ve always worn a fruity perfume with citrus base notes, try something sensually spicy. If florals have been your thing, you may give a fresh green, aromatic fragrance a go. Choices are almost endless.

Nice, New and Renewed

“New” can be very nice. This doesn’t mean that you should throw out your old favourite perfume. On the contrary, obtaining your new fragrance may be as easy as combining or layering your existing product with a fabulous fragrant lotion from Papillon.

Papillon and our nationwide distributors are your go-to suppliers for an extensive range of high-quality, affordable perfume products and natural skincare solutions. All Papillon products were specially developed for savvy South Africans who like to keep up to date with what’s new, especially if it fits in with their New Year’s resolutions and their budgets.

Why not be a little adventurous this year by changing something small that will make a big difference – your perfume.


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