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Natural Skin Care Products (5 daily natural skin care steps)

“Natural” is Back in Demand in a Big Way

Fashions and trends change constantly. Most hit the high spots, go away and return repeatedly. However, it’s a cycle that invariably reverts to an appreciation of and demand for whatever is closest to nature, free of chemical compounds wherever possible.

Natural products, enhanced with a bit of help from mankind’s inventions, research abilities and expertise, cover a wide range of goods. The products range from the renewed popularity of cotton and linen fabrics to organic produce and unprocessed or minimally processed health foods, all the way to natural hair and hairstyles, remedies and skin care products, largely constituted from plant and herbal extracts.

Sensitive Facial Skin

Global warming and manmade pollutants have a detrimental effect on the earth and all living things. Human beings’ sensitive skins are prone to UV, wind and weather borne damage, plus the development of allergies, itches and rashes, signs of premature ageing, pigmentation marks and problem conditions.

It comes as no surprise that “natural” is once again fashionable and back in demand, in a big way, and this wisdom of yesteryear is likely to endure, especially in the daily skin care product field. Facial skin is thinner and more delicate than skin elsewhere on the human body, so it’s important to care for sensitive complexions twice daily with effective, mild and gentle products.

5 Daily Natural Skin Care Products

The supply and distribution of quality affordable perfumes, made mainly of fine perfume oils obtained from nature’s fragrant plants and herbs, are still Papillon’s core products. Now, we also offer five products, loaded with natural ingredients.

Our Pure range includes:

  • Face wash
  • Scrub
  • Toner
  • Day cream
  • Night cream

This range offers an additional natural treatment product, our brightening cream. It is designed to gently even out skin tone, and reduce the appearance and intensity of age spots and dark, unsightly hyper pigmentation marks.

When a person’s skin is radiant, healthy and glowing, they not only feel great, they look the part too. Papillon recognised that imported products were unaffordable for most people and did something about making Papillon’s formulations remarkably affordable.

Our products are effective, soothing and nourishing, suitable for most skin types, and best of all, they’re natural and affordable. The products are perfect for South African budgets and complexions. If, for any reason, you’re still in doubt, there’s good news for you too – our starter pack, with 15 ml sample sizes of all five daily care solutions, for you to test and try.



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