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Movember Money-Making Opportunities for Magnificent South African Metro Men

Movember” is not a spelling mistake. We’re deliberately referring to the 11th month of 2020 as such, because we at Papillon wish to let South Africa’s magnificent, modern, metro men know that our company offers them marvelous money-making opportunities, just as we have been doing for, and with, our country’s lovely ladies, for many years.

Magnificent Men in Movies

Once upon a time, magnificent men were the subject of several classic movies and their respective titles. “Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines” was a popular comedy, released in 1965, starring some of the most prominent actors of the British film industry. Some five years earlier, in 1960, an American film, entitled “The Magnificent Seven” was to become a classic Western production.

These men were indeed magnificent, and at Papillon, we’ve never doubted that this is still so in today’s South Africa. Modern, metro males and their bros are just as fond of being well-dressed, well-groomed, and smelling as wonderful as their feminine counterparts. Just as the ladies love feeling ultra-feminine and special when they wear perfume, guys enjoy masculine and attractive fragrances.

Magnificent metro men are proud of their regular personal care, and following this routine up with a splash of their favourite invigorating fragrance.  For them, a neglected appearance is long gone, perhaps right back to the days of those dudes in their flying machines or their magnificent bros who rode horses and defeated baddies in the American Badlands, more than 100 years ago.

Money-Making Opportunity

Prior to Movember, several magnificent South African men have already taken up the opportunity to earn money by registering and operating as independent Papillon distributors. A number of these fine gents have shared their “bro codes”, beliefs and favourite fragrance names with us; we’d like to share a few with you.

  • Diba Mokou likes #M14 – Legends, and he advises: “If you truly want to turn a dream into reality, you must put in the work and pay the price of action”.
  • Simon Tsimane is also a Legends fan, who believes that “Swag is for boys, Class is for men”.
  • Theo Pasha is another metro man who prefers Legends and advises his bros: “Gentlemen, never mix business with pleasure”.
  • Leonel Oliveira proudly wears #U3 – Phenomenal. He suggests: “Be happy and the universe will help you”.
  • Nathan Lumbu prefers #M25 – Gabadiya. Nathan says: “The only way to start a successful business is to start with God, because gold and silver belong to Him”.
  • Patrick Moima wears #M18 – Be Calm. His bro code: “Guys, let’s work hard, because there is a saying: ‘To live like a king, you have to work like a slave’ ”.

Why not join these and other magnificent metro men this Movember, as a registered Papillon agent, promoting, selling and making money the Papillon way?


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