Mother’s Day

Mothers Will Always be Mothers – Spoil Yours

Every year, around the world, May is the month during which mothers are celebrated, recognised, and honoured, specifically on Mother’s Day – a special day dedicated to these women. These maternal figures care for, feed, educate, nurture, discipline, and provide unconditional, enduring love to their children.

Throughout everyone’s lives, mothers will always be mothers, and their children will always be their children – whether she’s a celebrity or an unassuming, stay-at-home mother. It seems that last year’s Mother’s Day was only a few months ago, but a year has passed.

More Affordable Frequent Treats

Because of their dedication and devotion to their young ones, many feel that mumsies should be spoiled every day, even if only with small gestures of appreciation and tokens of love. With the assistance of Papillon’s remarkably affordable product range, it is now possible to treat and spoil your mom on Mother’s Day – and far more frequently in general.

Mom’s Own Evocative Signature Scent

Show your appreciation of your mom with a gift of natural skincare products, a great range of lovely perfumes, and a more compact selection of fragrance lotions. Papillon’s aromatic lotions enable mom to layer her perfume and/or create her own signature scent – one that will forever remain hers and hers alone. Wherever and whenever you detect it, this signature scent will trigger precious memories.

Super Skincare Spoils

Our Papillon collection of natural skincare products is ideal as a Mother’s Day gift, as an alternative or addition to a perfume or a scented lotion. This is because, all too often, mom sacrifices time and money in favour of her children, thereby neglecting her own appearance and skincare.

Papillon’s mild, gentle range of five essential daily skincare products and one pure skin treatment solution are made from effective natural ingredients, which are suitable for most skin types – a most welcome Mother’s Day addition to the daily skincare and beauty routine of any mother who is always beautiful in your eyes, anyway.

Our products are sold through a network of agents and distributors. We’re constantly offering opportunities for our existing and new distributors, many of them mothers, as well as supportive and informative articles and blogs to update information for agents and their customers.

Spoil your mother this Mother’s Day with some of the amazing products we have on offer. She is bound to love whatever you pick out for her.


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