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Mastering fragrance layering with Papillon Perfumes

In the world of perfumery, fragrance layering is the secret sauce to crafting a scent that’s uniquely you. By combining different perfumes strategically, you can unlock a world of olfactory possibilities and create a personalised fragrance for yourself. Let’s dive into the art of fragrance layering and explore how you can craft your signature scent.

Understanding fragrance layering

Fragrance layering involves combining multiple scents to create a unique blend. It’s important to start with a strong base note like vanilla or musk, then add complementary middle notes such as floral or spicy accords, and finish with vibrant top notes like citrus or herbal aromas.

By experimenting with different perfume combinations, you’ll find the perfect balance of fragrances that resonate with you and your personality. You can also incorporate scented body lotions or oils for added depth and complexity. This is a trail and testing process, but with patience you will thank us later.

Tips for Success

  • Find the right balance of intensity and longevity in your scent combination.
  • Test different combinations on your skin to see how they evolve over time.
  • Adjust your fragrance combinations seasonally for a fresh take on your signature scent.

With fragrance layering, the possibilities are endless. Embrace the art of combining scents and embark on a sensory journey to discover your signature scent. Unlock the potential of fragrance layering and make your scent your own.



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