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Marketing for Perfume Distributors

Marketing Suggestions for Papillon Distributors

Do you recognise the difference between marketing and sales, or are these one and the same concepts in your mind – words which you use interchangeably? If you’re toying with the idea of starting your own small, home-based business, such as Papillon perfume distribution, it’s important for you to have knowledge of the significant differences.

Significant Differences

“Sales” or “selling” refers to the act of providing a second party with a product (perfume, in this instance) or service for which they pay. Selling is a component of marketing. In turn, marketing comprises wider reaching activities, even though the desired outcome of marketing initiatives is achieving and increasing sales – the basis of all successful businesses.

Selling fragrances focusses on you, the seller/distributor; marketing is customer-centric.

Customer-Centric Marketing Questions

There are certain basic, but vital factors that perfume distributors and sales people should recognise and get to know, enabling you to sell or market your product to a person or group who is likely to be a wearer of your perfume.

• Who is your customer? This may include the customers’ demographic profiles and other possibly relevant variables that may affect how and where you target your marketing resources.

• What are your potential customers’ needs? Establishing each individual person’s needs and preferences is an excellent way to open and continue effective communications, building sound relationships and a loyal customer base.

• What are the most effective ways of communicating with existing and new clients on an on-going basis and letting them know what you can offer?

• Are they computer literate? Do they own a home computer?

• Building your own successful perfume sales and distribution business requires you to acquire and retain customers while building your network. Ask existing customers for referrals that cost you nothing, yet are extremely effective in obtaining new prospects.

Dealing with Difficult People

Sooner or later, you’ll encounter difficulties – a difficult customer or an awkward situation. How do you handle difficulties when you’re running your own perfume distribution, especially because your success and reputation may be at stake?

• Listen to the client – actively. Ensure that you understand why they’re unhappy.

• Allow them to vent, without interruption, before enquiring what they feel you can do to address their problem or suggest what action you can take.

• Stay calm and don’t take complaints personally.

• Ensure that you keep to your word, be it a phone call or other action.

Avoid Debt Difficulties

No emerging small sales business can afford bad debt. It may happen that the client places an order, which you place with Papillon. Thereafter, when the order is ready for collection from your premises, the customer indicates that they cannot pay, leaving you in debt.

It’s relatively simple to avoid this hurdle. If necessary, take a deposit on all customer orders before you send your order through to Papillon. Clients are far less likely to default once they’ve made a tangible financial commitment.

Many businesses operate in this way, which minimises or obviates their bad debt risks and subsequent difficulties. Although the percentage of the deposit is up to you, 40% – 60% is not uncommon amongst small businesses.

Win-Win Perfume Marketing

Papillon perfumes are made of top-quality, imported fragrance oils; they are perfumes in the true sense of the word. The suggested selling price is remarkably affordable, while Papillon provides distributors and customers with fragrance buying guidelines, making selection a fragrant breeze – a win-win for all.


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