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March Madness

Make the Most of March Madness

Why does it seem that one never has quite enough money to live comfortably, without having to scrimp to afford those extras whenever they occur? To top it all, those extras do have a tendency to occur month after month, unless you have a plan to combat monthly financial blues.

A Typical January

In January, people are faced with recovery from the December holiday season expenses, plus the additional January expenses of school fees, books, uniforms, and such. January seems like a very long month, with ages before the first payday of the New Year, or for some, no regular payday at all.

February Takes a Turn

Next, it is February’s turn, and special Valentine’s treats, for which most people don’t make a financial allowance. It seems that one cannot get away from situations that require extra money, certainly not without an extra or second source of income.

March – Before Winter Arrives

Now, it’s already March, that 31-day month when days are noticeably becoming shorter, nights longer and leaves begin to change colour, a sure sign that South Africa’s short autumn and chilly winter is on the way.

You know that before long, you’ll probably have to shop for winter woollies, warm blankets and ways to keep the household warm, cosy and healthy, which invariably includes more comfort foods to keep the colder weather at bay. Winter goodies seem to cost more than lighter summer things, but now that March has arrived, it’s time to begin planning for winter…

March Madness

Papillon, direct suppliers of perfumes and skincare products in South Africa, offer solutions to your financial worries, each and every month. However, this year – 2020 – Papillon has gone quite crazy. We call it “March Madness”.

You may have heard the expression “mad as a March hare”, but the March Madness at Papillon has nothing to do with hares or wild rabbits that leap about madly across Britain and Europe when spring is set to arrive – the time when these wild creatures become particularly active in the countryside.

Papillon’s March Madness offers new (and existing) agents and distributors a unique, bargain opportunity to become Papillon salespersons and suppliers of fine fragrances and natural skincare formulations. This month we offer already affordable starter or perfume tester kits at specially reduced prices.

Currently, our large tester kit is on sale at R650, instead of R700, while our medium business-in-a-box is on offer at a mere R320, instead of R350. To get your bit of the bargain, register online with Papillon now, pay for your discounted tester kit, and hop to the tune of March Madness and financial freedom with Papillon.


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