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Manage Home Perfume Business

Managing Your Independent Home-Based Perfume Business

South Africans are a resilient lot. When times are tough, unemployment is rife and the cost of living is high, South Africans role up their sleeves and make a plan. More and more men and women are establishing/managing small businesses by working from home, both in a full- or part-time capacity. South Africans are fast becoming a nation of entrepreneurs.

Whether you wish to supplement your existing earnings or establish your own permanent business venture, you must decide what you want and need to do, in order to achieve your ultimate goal – generate an income and manage the means to meet your commitments.

Three Essentials

Every income generating business has three essential requirements – a product/service, customers who want your wares, and a location from which to conduct operations.

  • Products – must consist of items that you can sell with confidence, and for which there is a demand.
  • Customers – a network of people who are likely to buy your products.
  • Premises – may be a shop, office or your home.


Our extensive range of fine perfumes and complementary fragrant lotions is a great choice. Our products are formulated using top-quality, imported perfume oils, and are inspired by well-known brands that are sought after internationally.

Our products are not copies. The famous brand names are merely utilised to assist customers in identifying the scents that are most likely to appeal to them. Prices are exceptionally keen and affordable.


Most modern women and men love wearing a signature fragrance with which they identify. Perfume becomes part of who they are and how they feel. Prices of imported goods are often exorbitant, but our perfumes are not a “hard sell”. Moreover, happy customers are only too pleased to tell others about your products and will gladly give you referrals.


You may be tempted to find a small shop in a busy centre where you can display your perfumes to passing trade. However, be aware that retail rentals are high. You will have to adopt formal retail trading hours, often dictated by the centre’s regulations, which usually include a host of additional costly overhead expenses, like signing a rental agreement, paying for insurance, security services and more, expenses best avoided when starting a new venture.

Advantages of Home-Based Businesses 

  • No additional overheads. Home office space is tax deductible.
  • No costly, time-wasting travelling to and from business premises.
  • Set your own trading hours/schedule. You’re your own boss.

Register with Papillon as a distributor and buy your Business in a Box for a nominal cost that buys you a comprehensive sales kit with testers to get you going. If required, contact us to acquire a retail display unit to set up in your home office. You’re now ready to start the next chapter in your life as an independent distributor of Papillon perfumes.


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