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Make More Money by Harnessing the Power of Mobile Apps

Make More Money by Harnessing the Power of Mobile Apps

Fuel prices in South Africa are due to increase again, rather substantially this time too. Everyone is aware of and accustomed to the effect of the ups, downs and vagaries of varying petrol and diesel costs here in the southern part of the African continent.

Everything Costs More

The universal result is that everything costs more – basic commodities, food, travel, entertainment, clothing and life’s little special essentials, like perfumes and skincare products. How does one compensate for a higher cost of living and a currency with less spending power?

Making More Money

What’s one to do – tighten your belt even further, try to do without, take on a second job, or find some other way to supplement your income and make more money? You’ve heard about working smarter, rather than harder, haven’t you?

Our agents know all about smart work and earning more money – they do so whenever they choose. Our website’s home page is crammed with a multitude of testimonials, written by some of our distributors who do just that – they work exceptionally smartly.

Smart Money Making

In this, the second decade of the 21st century, the key to working smarter lies in using modern technology to your best advantage. Regardless of how sophisticated mankind has become, a successful business (making money) is still dependent on people.

The process of making money has a few essential components – a seller, a product range or service, viable cost and selling prices, and a buyer/customer. The successful seller needs a product or service for which there is a demand (Papillon perfumes, fragrances and innovative skin care solutions), which he/she sells to customers.

Money Makers’ Marketing Challenge

You’ve recognised that there’s money to be made by becoming a Papillon distributor, but how do you make it widely known that you supply excellent products at really affordable prices, unless you have heaps of money to spend on marketing? Marketing your range may be a challenge, unless of course, you remember to work smarter instead of harder, and make use of your new best friends – smartphone apps.

User-Friendly Marketing Solutions

People who don’t have access to communication technology are very few and far between. Virtually everyone uses one or more types of electronic media – computers, tablets and smartphones. Laptops are great, but communicating via your smartphone is more immediate, and thus a highly effective marketing tool.

Among the most popular smartphone apps in South Africa, you’ll encounter Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and WhatsApp. WhatsApp uses data instead of airtime, and is thus an inexpensive communication tool. Additionally, you can send a message to a single person, a group, or a broadcast list or group. If you send to a group, each member can see who else is included (and their contact details), whereas individual members of a broadcast group remain unaware of other members/recipients, thus avoiding privacy concerns.

At Papillon, we make extensive use of WhatsApp to communicate with our large network of distributing agents countrywide, thus keeping them updated – up to the minute. Once you receive our message, you simply select and send to your selected customers/groups. Just make certain that all group members have their distributor’s (your) mobile number saved on their phones, otherwise they will not be able to receive your WhatsApp message.

We send our agents news of new products, special offers and promotions, competitions and anything else that can assist them in affordably achieving their ultimate goal – making more money.

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