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Looking to Sell Perfume? Here’s Why You Should Choose Papillon Perfumes

It’s no secret that the perfume industry is on the rise. Renowned as one of the most exciting, profitable and most recession-proof industries to be in right now, everyone loves to smell good. While much attention is given to fashion, hairstyles and makeup trends, no image is ever complete without a splash of the right scent. Yes, perfume is extremely powerful, so much so that fragrances have been proven to help men and women express their identity and exude confidence.

So, if you’re looking to sell perfume, here’s how you can with Papillon.

Our Generic Perfumes Contain Compounds of Superior Quality and Longevity

Bringing you popular perfumes inspired by the original, our perfumes are superior quality replicas that have the identical chemical composition of the originals. Containing compounds of superior quality and longevity, our perfumes are engineered with knowledge of the evaporation process and fragrance wheel. Whereas an original perfume will last for 4-6 hours or more when you wear it, so does a generic perfume. Just like the original – through the scientific process of reverse engineering – our generic perfume notes are separated into three classes that make up the fragrance wheel: top/head notes, middle/heart notes and base notes. While the top notes are the first impression and are very light and last a few minutes, the middle note begins after about 10-15 minutes and lasts for about 2 hours, and then the base note is the final and longest lasting expression of a perfume and lasts for several hours

Be Your Own Boss for a Low Start-Up Cost of R700

If you love fragrances, have a basic knowledge of the fragrance wheel and want to start earning a good second income then allow us to offer you the opportunity to sell perfume for a low start-up cost of only R700. Getting started is really easy. Firstly, to sell perfume, you will need to register as a distributor with us on our website. Once complete, you will be required to purchase a tester kit, which consists of a stylish silver cosmetic case, a product info guide/fragrance list, 69 atomizers/testers (5ml, content +/- 4ml each), 50 anonymous business cards that distributors can complete and use to promote their business to ensure repeat orders, an order/receipt, 1 book of 100 smelling strips, and a container with coffee beans for customers to neutralise their sense of smell when testing different fragrances. Once you’ve registered and purchased your tester kit, you can start selling perfume and making money.

At Papillon, we go the extra mile for all our distributors. With the belief that your success is our success, we offer excellent support and advice to start, develop and grow your own sustainable perfume business. Placing great value on distributor relationships, we offer access to personalised marketing material and designs in the form of flyers, business cards, banners and shirts. At Papillon, we simply offer anyone who wants to earn extra money the opportunity to do just that. If this business opportunity sounds like something you’d love to do, then chat to us today.


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