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Life and School Fees are a Breeze with Papillon

Only the fortunate few are born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths. These lucky folks are barely aware of the extent of their financial assets; they certainly don’t have to worry about income, expenses, and the money for school fees.

The Era of Low School Fees

About 50 odd years ago, school fees in South Africa were minimal. In fact, so minimal that they were charged and paid only once annually, at the beginning of each school year. Fees were low because schooling was state-subsidised. Children whose parents were unable to afford fees were nonetheless admitted, never turned away, providing that they resided in the geographical area in which the school was located.

Textbooks were owned by each province’s education department, which issued them to scholars, who returned them at the end of each school year. Certain numbers, types, and sizes of exercise books were also supplied, free of charge. Parents were responsible for writing instruments and uniforms. However, that was then and this is now.

Here and Now

Times have changed dramatically, likewise the size of the South African population and the numbers of the country’s school going youngsters. State contribution to the running of individual schools has reduced greatly, because there are many more scholars as well as schools.

Consequently, monthly school fees are now a drain on many budgets, and unaffordable for some households. Moreover, all educational aids, other than textbooks, are for the account of parents, who now need a great deal more money to pay for basic education, of which monthly school fees are a major contributing factor.

More Monthly Money, Please

 Unfortunately for some, you cannot obtain more money each month. You must earn it, and extra at that. How does one go about earning more every month, in a manner that suits your own schedule of responsibilities and activities?

Papillon to the Rescue

Papillon enables many cash-strapped South Africans who need to earn more every month to increase their monthly income, in their own time, as and when it suits each individual Papillon agent. Our members sell our fragrance and skincare products part or full time, relying on their Papillon income completely, permanently, or temporarily.

Our products and quality are world class, and our prices are exceptionally affordable, even by local standards, so our agents’ profit margins are substantial. Transform your monthly financial blues to one of “life’s a breeze, so too are school fees”, with more earnings to afford necessities, as well as luxuries, if you like.


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