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Layering Your Fragrance with Perfumed Lotions from Papillon

With such an extensive collection of perfumes on offer in the Papillon range, you may wonder why we decided to introduce a range of perfumed lotions to our range. Surely, there’s more than enough to choose from, even if you’re particularly fussy about fragrance? In a collection of this size – 70 distinctive perfumes – there must already be several fragrances to suit every individual preference, style, mood, and occasion within this fine collection.

Yes, indeed there are plenty, but your perfume journey of discovery needn’t end there. After our most recent introduction of 19 exciting, exotic, and high-fashion new perfume fragrances, Papillon customers truly have a host of opportunities to create their own exclusive fragrances by adding our perfumed lotions to the mix and playing with different combinations.

The Role of Perfumed Lotions

  •  Depending on the perfumed lotion that you wear with your perfume, you may enhance the fragrance, subtly tweak, or add another note or nuance to it. This is known as perfume layering – the latest, innovative way to make the most of your fragrances.
  • By experimenting with combinations and a process of trial and error, you can easily develop your very own, exclusive signature scent, one that is unique to you.
  • Perfume layering may make your fragrance last longer.
  • Oily or moisturised skin retains fragrance well, while dry skin has the opposite effect on the longevity of perfume. When applying perfume to dry or dehydrated skin, first apply a layer of your perfumed lotion.
  • Our fragranced lotions are oil-based, laying down an ideal, softly scented surface for the application and longevity of you perfume, whether your skin is dry or not. In fact, this is the best way of wearing perfume for anyone and everyone – lotion first, followed by perfume.
  • We don’t recommend wearing the same fragrance day after day, month after month, year in and year out. The human sense of smell becomes too accustomed to one scent and eventually stops detecting it. Use more than one perfume; vary your fragrances completely or alter the experience with the addition of your perfumed lotions.
  • Retain your air of mystery and remain enchanted by and interested in your perfume. This sensual awareness is an integral aspect of wearing a fine perfume that makes you feel special.

Perfume/Lotion Layering Made Easy

Remember that different perfumes and lotions present a different fragrance when worn by different people, because of body chemistry, pheromones, temperature, the body’s pH balance, and hormonal variances. What smells divine on one may be offensive to the next wearer.

Lighter, fresher fragrances work well during the day, especially during hot summer weather, when heavier, heady perfume may be too powerful. Stronger, more complex scents are perfect for a sophisticated night out.

Papillon has made it easy for perfume/lotion layering customers to get started. Our latest fragrance list still indicates every Papillon perfume’s name, that of the fragrance which inspired it, and the relevant olfactory group, as always. Those that now offer a similar perfume lotion are denoted with an asterisk.

There are no hard and fast rules about the layering of perfumed lotions. Testing and trying different Papillon combinations is fun and it’s affordable. You’ll soon develop a variety of unique fragrances that complement one another and most importantly – you.


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