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January Is Always a Financially Difficult Month

Generate Extra Income and Solve January’s Financial Blues

All across the world, people look forward to the arrival of the December festive season. In South Africa, it’s a time of holidays, time off work, leisure and family time, fun, and entertainment. It’s also shopping time and a time for buying special and more expensive foods and gifts. Consequently, it’s a very expensive time, overall!

Spend and Pay

Year after year, people gladly and generously spend their hard-earned money every December, often overspending too, and for the moment forget about the new year and January, which lie await just around the corner, ready to gobble up more money. January, however, is a time for essentials, extras, and real necessities. January always follows December every year, but people tend to forget about this from a financial point of view.

A Long Month

January is a notorious “long” month, or so it feels to most people, who have been spoiled by the imagined freedom of spending money freely during December. It seems to take far longer than one month for January’s payday to arrive, that is, if you’re fortunate enough to have full-time employment with a monthly income. If you don’t, the situation is probably worse.

No Free Lunches

Remember, there are no free lunches or months that are free from financial obligations. Moreover, January typically has more financial obligations for those who care for school-going children and other dependants.

It’s clear that you need extra income in December, so that you can survive fairly comfortably in January, without suffering awful worries and stressing about lack of money. What can one do to alleviate this pressing and often depressing January financial problem?

The Solution – Generate Extra Income

Of course, if you don’t have or earn enough money to see you through January and all the financial commitments that await you so early in the New Year, the obvious answer would be to earn an extra income, but how do you do this when jobs are so difficult to come by?

Papillon offers you a simple, easy and very workable solution that allows you to start earning that much-needed extra income, right from your very first sale of our affordable, quality products – perfumes, fragranced lotions, and lovely, mild, and natural skin-care products.

There are no sales targets, so the freedom is yours to choose how much you want to earn. You own your own small business, full or part time, distributing our products according to your own schedule and needs. After completing a few simple steps to join our network of distributors, you’re ready to start earning. The sooner you sign up with Papillon, the sooner you’ll be beating the January financial blues, just like scores of other successful Papillon agents.


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