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How to Make Extra Money in South Africa

How Numerous South Africans are Making Extra Money

The impact and negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are not confined to South Africa. The entire world has been affected. Moreover, economic conditions in this wonderful country we all call home have been tough and challenging for some time before the corona-virus reared its nasty head. Now, in its aftermath, the need to make extra money is more pressing than ever before.

Job Hunting

Sadly, many who were fortunate enough to have permanent employment before the lockdown have lost their jobs or have had to take a workload and salary cut. Many South Africans have been and still are trying to find employment in a limited job market or, as alternative, freelance opportunities to make money, because it’s a matter of survival since they need to put bread on the table.

Right now, as the lockdown regulations have relaxed and reached a minimum level, there still aren’t enough employment opportunities on offer. It’s essential that South Africans find something to do that enables them to earn a primary income or extra funds, even a second job to boost an existing salary that doesn’t stretch far enough to afford any treats or non-essentials, or meet unforeseen expenses.

All-Important How-To Question

Taking up a freelance extra money-earning opportunity is good and well, but where and how do you find such a job in South Africa in the current depressed economy? Secondly, once you have found this lifeline, how and when do you start earning that much-needed primary income or extra money?

Pick Papillon

Papillon, our South African company, is best-known for offering an extensive range of ladies’ and gents’ top quality, yet, affordable perfumes and complementary fragrant lotions. We distribute the products through our network of agents, who are located throughout this country. We’re always seeking more agents, since each registered distributor sells our income-generating products in his/her own area.

You’ll find Papillon online, via your computer or smart, mobile device, and that’s also where and how you’ll find our online registration page. Simply follow our first quick and easy how-to steps to register as a Papillon distributor, select and pay for your starter pack/tester kit, and you are equipped to make extra money, wherever you may be in sunny South Africa.

No Pressure, Freedom of Choice

Most importantly, you’re free to start making extra money in the area of your choice, during the hours that suit you, and selling to as many or as few customers as you like. The more you sell, the more money you earn, but there’s no pressure from our side. You can be your own boss. Additionally, there are no targets, other than those you set for yourself. You make money right from your very first sale and for every sale thereafter.

It’s easy to build up and expand your own client base. Once tried, customers tend to favour our fine fragrances. Papillon’s simple, no-fuss business and distribution plan enables you to offer inspired quality perfumes at absolute bargain prices. Indeed, the prices are on average, at least five times more affordable than what your customers would pay for imported, big brand goods

Join Papillon’s team of successful South African distributors, who once also wondered how to make extra money. Say “goodbye” to financial blues and “hello” to a bright future with financial freedom




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