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How to Make Extra Money in 2021

How to Create Your Own Extra Money-Making Business in 2021

The Internet is an incredible invention – one which has made so much of what human beings do and how they do it a great deal more convenient and quicker. No longer do people have to go to a library – during library hours – to consult reference books to obtain information, or when they require confirmation of facts, figures, and events. Furthermore, reference books soon became outdated in the 21st century, as we move towards the start of the second decade, the year 2021.

How to Make Much-Needed Money

Fortunately, the Internet is at hand, whenever you need it, day or night, and it’s instant and incredibly convenient, as well as very cost-effective. The Internet is also the way to forward your online registration to us at Papillon.

As soon as you’ve registered with us and selected and paid for your starter pack, you will be a Papillon freelance distributor and owner of your own small, independent business, ready to make extra money from 2021 onwards.

Being a freelance distributor is an easy, practical way to make extra money or even your primary income – selling our exciting products, which consist of an extensive collection of very affordable, fine, high-quality perfumes and fragrant lotions, plus a range of natural skincare formulations, effective for most South African skin types and also exceptionally affordable.

Perfect Perfumes

Most women – and modern metro men – would love to wear a signature fragrance every day, but don’t do so because they find that imported big brand perfumes, which could easily cost R3 000 for 50 ml, are far too expensive.

Once they’re introduced to Papillon’s collection, they’re delighted to discover that long-lasting, lovely scents they buy from you are actually so affordable that they’re perfect for special occasions, as well as daily wear. In the meanwhile, you, a registered Papillon distributor, have discovered the secret of how to make extra money in 2021.

Essential Skincare

Our sunny South African climate is harsh on South African skins, irrespective of age and ethnicity. Facial skin is particularly delicate and prone to environmental damage. Caring for your complexion with gentle, natural skincare solutions is vital and is no longer a luxury.

Once again, one finds that many facial care products offered by famous international beauty houses cost a small fortune, far too much to fit into one’s tight 2020/2021 budget. However, you and Papillon place extremely affordable, essential skincare formulations where they belong – on the clear, radiant complexions of South African women and men. Papillon agents have the satisfaction of providing a much-needed service, combined with super skincare solutions, whilst earning an extra income.

Everyone Who Benefits is a Winner

It’s a win-win situation for all! Your customers look, smell and feel great and it shows, while you’ve found the ideal way to make extra money, starting in 2021 and continuing well into the future, all the while able to afford your own essentials and treats, for as long as you wish.


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