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How to Make Extra Money in 2021

Begin Making Extra Money as Soon as 2021 Starts

Has 2020 been a lean, challenging year for you too, as it has for millions of people right across the world and on home turf, here in South Africa? It’s highly likely that the only South Africans who didn’t find 2020 more than a little difficult are the ultra-wealthy folks.

These are probably the folks who don’t have to concern themselves with money matters in what remains of 2020, or at the beginning of the upcoming year, 2021. They are nevertheless in the minority.

Tightened Belts

By far, the majority of our population has had to tighten belts, economise and budget more than ever before, since the most severe stages of the lockdown kept almost all of us at home; many companies didn’t survive COVID-19 and were forced to close doors and/or closed down completely due to a lack of normal business and the money that business activity generates. Some employees lost their jobs – and their income.

Ending and Beginning

Like clockwork, the old year ends and the new year begins with expenses – school fees, school uniforms, books and stationery, transport, electricity, taxes, and, not forgetting the most basic of human needs, feeding the family. This may leave you wondering how to most make extra money to enable you to pay for all your commitments, plus save a little more for rainy days and unforeseen additional items and events.

Extra, Extra, Extra

Even under normal circumstances, virtually everyone needs extra money during the Christmas holidays. Although large gatherings should still be avoided and masks must be worn, people still want to buy gifts to treat loved ones, plus spend something extra on entertainment, special food and snacks, because it is, after all, a festive family time.

Make It in 2021

It takes a lot of self-discipline to save during December, even though you know you must make the effort, to ensure that you have enough money when January rolls around. 2021 will be no exception. Like it or not, many are in the same boat, but that doesn’t mean that the boat will sink – not if you take action now to start making extra money – easily – in 2021.

How to Earn your Extra Income

To boost your earnings can be easily done with Papillon’s range of lovely, internationally-inspired perfumes, which once tried, almost sell themselves. How and why? Papillon’s imported fragrance compounds are formulated from the highest quality perfume oils that are exceptionally long-lasting, which makes affordable prices all the more remarkable. That’s a major part of the “why?”

The “how” is even more straightforward. Complete the online registration form, select a starter pack, costing from as little as R150, send Papillon a proof of payment, and off you go – making extra money as from early 2021 onwards.


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