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Host a Perfume party to get new clients

Get This Perfume Party Started

Finding, rejecting or liking, selecting, buying and wearing perfume are all extremely personal affairs, which is why most people in the know avoid purchasing a fragrance for someone else, unless they know what the recipient prefers.

A scent which smells superb when someone else is wearing it may make you feel quite queasy when you try it, simply because you’re unique, as are your hormone levels, body chemistry and skin’s acidity.

Importance of Trying and Testing

If a person’s sense of smell is sensitive or they’re “funny” about smells, it’s imperative that the purchaser or wearer try and test an unfamiliar perfume before they buy it. These are all factors which could make fragrance selection tricky, both for you as a perfume salesperson and for your clients.

Pleasure and Leisure

Wearing a perfume that reflects one’s personality and makes one feel special and desirable is supposed to be immensely pleasurable, right from the word go. It will be just so for your new (and existing) clients, if you provide them with the opportunity to test perfumes at their leisure, in a fun-filled, relaxed social environment, such as a perfume party.

Getting the girls together over a cup of good coffee and cheesecake, or a glass of wine and snacks, provides the perfect setting for fabulous fragrance testing. Everyone is relaxed and there’s no pressure, as the ladies chat, sip away, test, discuss and compare.

What better way could there possibly be to get new clients and introduce additional or alternative perfumes to existing customers, thereby expanding and consolidating your client base and your income?

A perfume party can also serve as an informal platform at which to educate and tell your new clients more about the art and science of fragrances, subjects which most people find fascinating. It has been our experience that most ladies who have attended a perfume party are eager to host another similar event at their own homes, to which they’ll invite another group – more new clients.

Start Up

Papillon makes it easy and affordable for you to start selling top-quality, affordably priced and intoxicating fragrances to your new clients at perfume parties and elsewhere. Simply register as a distributor and purchase your “Business in a Box” tester kit.

Your kit contains all you need to start your own enterprise – including all 69 fragrances in atomiser test sizes, 100 fragrance strips for clients who prefer this method of scent testing, 50 business cards on which you enter your own contact details and several other sales aids. Now, get this perfume party started!


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