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Hand Sanitisers’ Important Ingredient – Alcohol

The Importance of Hand Sanitisers

In keeping with the demands of the market, we’ve recognised the importance of including hand sanitisers in our offerings. This addition to our product range represents several more ways in which Papillon helps distributors to build and maintain a responsible, respected commercial presence in their communities. With our assistance, we achieve the following:

  • We help to keep the families, friends, and the broader community of our distributors safe and in doing so, less likely to contract COVID-19.
  • Enhance the range of products they can offer their customers.
  • Increase sales and income.


The most common infections that are spread from one person to the next are typically caused by bacteria or viruses. The common cold and gastroenteritis are examples of bacterial infections, while the flu (influenza) is viral.

Although there is still no cure for the common cold, complications from this ailment, such as bronchitis and pneumonia can be treated with medicines. However, most viral infections are untreatable; such diseases have to run their course with patients relying on the body’s natural defences to fight off the virus.

COVID-19 is a serious, flu-like virus that spreads very quickly from person to person, becoming a global pandemic. As yet, there is no antidote or cure, which is why governments throughout the world-imposed lockdown rules.

Prevent Infection 

Prevention is always the best defence against infection and disease. Prevent infection by following the hygiene and safety precautions that health authorities have instituted and recommended, hand sanitising being the first line of defence in the fight against the spreading of the novelty coronavirus.

Role of Alcohol Percentage in Hand Sanitisers

Scientists and healthcare professionals stress the importance of the alcohol percentage contained in effective hand sanitisers. Scientific tests prove that a higher percentage of ethyl alcohol is more effective than it is at lower levels. An ethyl alcohol percentage of 70 is ideal for effective hand-sanitising, in conjunction with other protective methods.

Squeaky Clean, Protected Hands

Papillon’s brand new gel hand sanitiser contains the important, ideal alcohol percentage, being 70%. Ethyl alcohol is an active ingredient that helps to cleanse and protect hands from spreading viral contaminants. Because a high percentage of alcohol has a drying effect on human skin, we’ve also included a moisturising agent in our formulation, perfect for comfy hand protection when you’re on-the-go

A gel formulation is less likely to spill and it’s easy to use – anywhere, anytime. Simply pop a gel hand sanitiser into your bag or pocket, use enough gel to cover all areas of the hands, rub them together for 20 seconds in a washing motion or until hands are completely dry, and there you are, complete with conveniently clean, protected hands. Repeat the process as often as required.


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