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Generic Perfume Distributor

The Advantages of Becoming a Generic Perfume Distributor for Papillon

In the production of medicines, each original formulation is patented and registered with the relevant government authorities, who are responsible for approving or dismissing new medications that are presented for registration to them. Medical (and many other) patents are protected for a period of 20 years in the USA.

Patent Laws

By law, generic copies of or alternatives for drugs may only be made available after the expiry of the patent. In the field of medicine manufacturing, generic drugs are far cheaper than original brands, because the former producer didn’t have to spend a great deal of time and money on researching, designing, testing, and conducting clinical trials before applying for patents and registration.

At Papillon, our core business is that of being a generic perfume distributor in the South African fragrance industry via our network of freelance perfume and natural skincare product distributors, who operate their own small supply businesses countrywide.

How Our Business Works

We’d like to explain how our generic perfume distributor business works, especially how generics apply to our fragrance products. When a big brand decides to launch a new fragrance, the company approaches potential suppliers to produce a specified formulation. Although several such suppliers may manufacture blends for the big brand concern, only one of them will be awarded the contract for producing the patented perfume.

Now, the rest of the competing suppliers who were unsuccessful in obtaining a contract have a new blend that conforms closely to the famous brand’s requirements. In effect, they have a generic perfume product on hand, blended from the same top-quality fine fragrant oils as used by the successful producer, but not restricted by patent laws. A buyer is all they want and need, and that’s exactly where Papillon enters the picture.

Everyone Wins

We import these formulations at a fraction of the price, package them in our smart, no-frills, Papillon containers, and our distributors sell them on to their quality-conscious, fragrance-loving customers, who pay about five times less for generic perfumes, which closely resemble the original big brand products and last just as long as their wildly expensive counterparts. Everyone wins and no one loses in our chain of supply

Inspired – Not Copied

Our fragrance reference lists mention the famous brand which inspired our generic products. However, we stress that our perfumes are not wannabe carbon copies of originals, which are only mentioned for scent, olfactory, and note guidance purposes only, in a lengthy list that currently consists of 70 individual fragrances.

We have our own aromatic formulations, with our own names, in our own packaging, and that are sold at incredibly affordable prices, which nevertheless still allow our distributors to earn or supplement their earnings independently and in areas of their own choosing – an all-round, empowering experience.

Financial Empowerment

 Our distributors’ financial and business empowerment is important to Papillon. Our agents are free to work where and when they choose, full time or part time, financially empowered according to their personal targets and goals, but without discouraging and defeating targets being set by Papillon. Like our perfume prices, our start-up costs are also very affordable.

Papillon products are easy to sell, especially once you’ve assured your customers of your commitment as a distributor, and the reasons why and how our affordable generic perfumes are as good as any import.


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