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Fragrance Layering

A Look at Layering

Fragrance layering is still a relatively new notion to many people (even quite unknown to some) but the concept, in its wider application, is completely familiar to everyone. Human beings have been layering their clothing ever since the first cave dwelling hunter donned an animal skin to keep warm, dry and protected from uncomfortable elements.

Today, layering one’s clothing is extremely trendy, especially if done skilfully and in a correctly co-ordinated manner. It’s no longer just a matter of adding another garment for purely practical reasons, just as wearing perfume has become part and parcel of daily beauty and personal grooming routines.

Both men and women have been adorning themselves with fragrant compounds since ancient times. It is well known that the ancient Egyptians, especially members of the upper classes and priesthood, used various scented mixtures of natural origin, usually oily substances combined with aromatic animal and plant extracts.

The ancient Greeks did likewise, and the Romans emulated this practice. Nonetheless, one doesn’t know whether they layered their fragrances or not, but the possibility cannot be excluded. Their cultures valued cleanliness highly, and smelling good was part of feeling clean.

Perfume had religious significance too. It was thought to please or appease the gods. As the most important ancient Egyptian deity, the sun god, Ra, was worshipped by the entire populace. They regarded sweet smelling potions as being so important that they were said to represent the sweat of Ra.

Fragrance Layering’s First Phase 

Initially, beauty specialists and perfume manufacturers recommended that women and men who wore their perfumes do so by layering them, in order to maximise the particular effect and lasting power of their chosen fragrance. In doing so, more of the wearer’s body would exude the scent.

This meant that one should use a variety of products with the same fragrance in a variety of combinations with one another. For example, you could bathe using the branded soap, bath oil or shower gel containing Fragrance X, apply X’s body lotion and thereafter complete the layering process with X perfume, applied to pulse points, as usual.

Latest Layering Trend 

While the traditional fragrance layering method remains popular, especially amongst those who have found their signature scents, the one they wouldn’t dream of being without, you can create your own, completely unique personal bouquet.

This can be accomplished by trying out combinations of a favourite, plus one or more others which you already own, or adding a new perfume that you’ve been dying to acquire and wear. It’s also an ideal way in which to subtly alter and improve a scent that doesn’t quite meet the mark. 

Trendy Tips 

We take great pleasure in providing you with a few basic layering tips, since you probably don’t want to overload your senses (or those of others around you):

  • Very heavy, distinctive scents are best worn alone.
  • Light fragrances are great for layering.
  • To begin with, try perfumes from the same olfactory group.
  • Apply the same amount of perfume as you would if only using one product, starting with the heaviest scent.
  • Moisturise your skin before application for a lasting effect.

Consult our website’s list of 69 perfumes and 7 olfactory groups to help you make your selections and combinations affordable and easy. Enjoy the layering process and the creation of a fragrance that’s exclusively your very own.


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