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Fragrance Companies in South Africa

Finding Affordable Fragrances in South Africa – Need You Ask?

There is a commonly used English phrase, which is posed as a question. It asks: “How long is a piece of string?” Its meaning is similar to “Need you ask?” which indicates that the question is quite unnecessary because the answer is so obvious.

Our question is this: “How many fragrance companies are there in South Africa?” Well, there are so many of these businesses that this question is also unnecessary. Additionally, it is almost impossible to answer accurately.

Some fragrance companies in South Africa may be large and well-known, while others are small and only keeps a few perfumes tucked away on a store shelf, as a side-line, in the hope of attracting a few extra customers. These concerns are not truly relevant in the fragrance industry. Should one also include them in the count?

Imported Big Brands

Not all the fragrance companies in South Africa are the same. Major big brand perfumes are imported from abroad for the South African luxury consumer market, but they are not South African.

Companies that sell these fragrances include pharmacies, department stores – at perfume counters that carry specific brands, at independent outlets, offer goods that are dedicated to a particular brand, or other retailers, who specialise in supplying several, select top brands.

Lesser-Known Brand Names

Various and somewhat lesser-known perfume brands are sold by certain retailers, but because these fragrances and the companies or perfume houses that produce and distribute products are not widely known, one cannot always be assured that supply will be consistent and ongoing, unlike Papillon.

Year after year, Papillon, our fragrance company in South Africa, continues to grow. This ongoing growth and strength are due to the range and quality of our products, plus the enthusiasm and dedication of our independent distributors.

Sadly, some fragrance companies and their products simply seem to fade away. On one hand, they don’t spend enough on product promotion and marketing; on the other hand, they don’t spend enough to be viable. On both accounts, that’s a problem, but not so for Papillon.

Inspired South African Perfume Companies

Papillon supplies a wide range of perfumes made from imported perfume oils. Customers who buy Papillon perfumes enjoy quality fragrances, unconcerned about hefty price tags normally attached to famous imported products.

Our South African company spends next to nothing on marketing, retail space rental, or a huge salary bill. Instead, our distribution agents introduce our fine fragrance ranges directly to their perfume-loving customers, who have the opportunity to test and try products at their leisure, in their own area.

The perfume-loving public buys perfumes inspired by imported brands, but at very affordable prices, agents earn an income, and Papillon remains relevant throughout South Africa. So, this is a win-win-win for all.


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