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Financial Freedom for Perfume Distributors

Have you ever considered becoming a perfume distributor? Do you know what a distributor of perfumes does to earn a living in this field? Are you under the impression that these folks all work for a big company which imports, stores, and supplies retailers with expensive fragrances which are made in foreign countries, before being shipped to South Africa?

While it is true that many perfume distributors do in fact have a job in such a multinational concern, this is not the Papillon way. This may raise another question, which we’ll address before discussing the way in which Papillon distributes its fragrances – “Who or what is Papillon?”

Introducing Papillon

 Papillon is a South African company that offers fellow South Africans self-employment opportunities and financial freedom by distributing our ranges of products directly to customers – at exceptionally affordable prices. Our products include a comprehensive collection of high-quality perfumes, fragranced lotions, and natural skincare solutions – all designed to make users look and feel great without costing a fortune.

We recognise that the best perfume oils are produced overseas. Because we’re particular about the quality of our scents, only the best is good enough for Papillon and our customers, so we rely on imported fragrance blends, but obtain them at a fraction of the huge costs of big brand products.

Our long-lasting fragrances are not copies of big brand perfumes, but are merely inspired by their blends, using similar imported ingredients and blends of the same high quality, making them easy and profitable for our distributors to sell at low prices that their customers can afford.


Additionally, we don’t spend a fortune on fancy containers, packaging, and marketing campaigns at Papillon. We prefer classic, smart packaging for our fragrances and skincare products, with an emphasis on the products’ quality, and a direct marketing approach via our perfume distributors to their happy Papillon customers. Happy customers are also happy to provide our distributors with the names of others who have a like-minded view of affordable, fine fragrances.

It’s entirely up to our distributors to decide when, where, and how they wish to sell our products, and how much time they want to devote to sales and distribution, depending on the amount of money they’d like to earn. As a Papillon distributor, you’re your own boss and the decisions are yours alone, since there are no sales targets that affect your income. You earn money right from your very first sale and all additional sales thereafter.

Becoming an agent for Papillon fragrances is simple, quick, and easy too. Simply apply online, choose your starter pack, pay for it, receive your tester/sale kit, and you’re ready and set to start distributing and earning cash.

Our recipe for success is a win-win solution – for people who enjoy wearing signature scents and love smelling good without spending enormous amounts of money, as well as our countrywide network of happy, financially independent Papillon perfume distributors, entrepreneurs, and owners of their own small businesses.


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