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Fabulous Additional Ladies’ Fragranced Lotions

Our Fabulous Additional Ladies’ Fragranced Lotions

Our Papillon agents, who sell and distribute our range of perfumes, natural skincare products, and fragranced lotions, have already begun to express their delight at the new fragrances that we’ve just launched. We’ve no doubt that their customers will be equally excited about these latest additions.

It’s not only the arrival of our new fragrances that’s so eagerly anticipated; the new launch also offers customers umpteen more opportunities to layer their scents and have fun experimenting with more combinations to find their new or additional signature fragrances.

With this in mind, we have the pleasure of listing our fragranced lotions, the brands which inspired each one, and the olfactory group applicable to each. Kindly note that Papillon fragrances are not copies of other manufacturers’ brands – we’ve only listed the other perfumes to give our customers an idea of the scents. None of our products pretend to be imitations of such originals.

10 New Fragranced Lotions for Layering Combinations

  • Yes! – Chypre Fruity – Si (Giorgio Armani)
  • Forbidden – Floral Fruity – Be Delicious (DKNY)
  • Sicilian Summer – Floral Fruity – Light Blue (Dolce & Gabbana)
  • Dollar Baby – Floral Fruity – Lady Million (Paco Rabanne)
  • Dreamer – Gourmand – Fantasy (Britney Spears)
  • Julia – Gourmand – La Vie Est Belle (Lancôme)
  • Lady in Red – Oriental Floral – Red Door (Elizabeth Arden)
  • Victrix – Oriental Floral – Olympea (Paco Rabanne)
  • Noir – Oriental Spicy – Black Opium (Yves Saint Laurent)
  • Aura – Oriental Woody – Alien (Thierry Mugler)

11 New Ladies’ Fragrances

  • Starlight – Floral – Gabrielle (Chanel)
  • Stilettos – Oriental Floral – Good Girl (Carolina Herrera)
  • Shambula – Chypre Floral – Scandal (Jean Paul Gaultier)
  • Atomic – Oriental Floral – Girl of Now (Elie Saab)
  • London – Floral – My Burberry (Burberry)
  • NYC – Floral – Coach (Coach)
  • Fashionista – Oriental Floral – Contre Moi (Louis Vuitton)
  • Bling – Chypre Fruity – Jimmy Choo (Jimmy Choo)
  • Exotic – Oriental Floral – Black Orchid (Tom Ford)
  • Passion – Woody Aromatic – Aura (Thierry Mugler)
  • Hot Honey – Oriental Floral – Nectar Love (DKNY)

Additionally, there’s more to our new launch – 6 men’s and 2 unisex fragrances.

More for Men

  • Bokgata – Woody Spicy – Wanted (Azzaro)
  • Gabadiya – Aromatic Fougère – Sauvage (Christian Dior)
  • Enigma – Aromatic Spicy – Tom Ford Noir (Tom Ford)
  • Playa – Aromatic Spicy – Pure XS (Paco Rabanne)
  • Gereza – Woody Aromatic – Bad (Diesel)
  • Status – Woody Aromatic – Icon (Dunhill)

Unisex Additions

  • Bakhoor – Oriental Fruity – Bakhoor – a Papillon exclusive and a first for our Private Collection
  • Phenomenal – Leather – F*cking Fabulous (Tom Ford) – a limited edition perfume that’s not available anywhere else in South Africa.

Have Fun

Of course, there’s no hard and fast rule – swap, switch, experiment, test, try, and layer to your heart’s content. Have fun with Papillon’s existing perfumes and newly launched fragrances. As always, our top-quality perfumes remain exceptionally affordable, so there’s nothing stopping you from departing on your next fragrance journey.


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