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Extra Money Matters

Extra Money Matters

When we, at Papillon, and most others say that money matters, this two-word phrase has two meanings. On the one hand, it refers to matters pertaining to finance. Secondly, the phrase implies that money is important, which certainly is true and applicable to individual people and businesses.

Basis of Modern Commerce

The exchange of money is the basis of all modern commerce. Without currency, the worldwide economy would collapse. Very few people, if any, still rely on a barter system, in which each party exchanges one product or service for another, without using money.

Working to Earn Money

Today, every person or company works for one main reason – to earn money, with which one buys essentials and, depending on income, extra treats. Since earning money is vitally important, finding an opportunity to work to acquire extra money takes on extra significance.

Actual Testimonials

Promoting and distributing very affordable Papillon perfumes is an ideal solution to sort out your primary or extra income needs and wishes, as many a Papillon perfume distributor has testified.

On 1 February, Phetho from Cape Town joined Papillon as a perfume distributor and says she’s “never looked back” since then. Furthermore, “selling Papillon has been easy, as the brand sells itself. Since I became an agent, I never ran short of funds. If you really want to supplement your earnings, Papillon is the way to go. I enjoy selling these perfumes. Today, I am perfume fundi, thanks to Papillon”. She has also managed to pay extra, unforeseen car-related expenses with her savings, generated by selling our affordable, quality products.

I’m a qualified engineer, who is selling Papillon. It’s given me a financial boost as far as paying for my expenses.” ~ Reginald from Pretoria

Angel in Johannesburg calls Papillon a “double opportunity” because she “can make extra cash and save money at the same time”.

Papillon business really saved my family. I was able to care for my children and wife while she was sick.” ~ Eric from Phalaborwa

We’re delighted to summarise how Papillon’s opportunities have helped people in different ways in the past and can assist you with extra money too:

  • Easy, stress-free way to earn extra income and start a small business
  • Pay bills and unforeseen expenses
  • Boosts your earnings
  • Enables you to save money and save on your own perfume requirements, which helps you to promote our products to others too
  • Work in your own time, at your own pace, according to your own requirements

There are many more testimonials on our website. You’ll also find a link to our online registration here. Why not join our Papillon team, then say “goodbye” to your money worries, forever?


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