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Extra Money and How to Make It with Ease

Extra Money and How to Make It with Ease

It’s become essential to have it, but there’s seldom enough or any extra. An oft-used saying tells us that it doesn’t grow on trees; you have to make it. Somehow, it manages to escape from one’s purse, wallet and bank account. It’s gone, almost before you know it, but where did it go? What is this mysterious “it”? You may need a few clues, but you probably already know the answer.

Musical Clues

“Money, money, money” was the title of an ABBA hit song, released in 1976. Some say that it “makes the world go (a)round, as did Liza Minelli and Joel Grey in the 1972 film version of “Cabaret”. A Dire Straits In 1963, the Beatles performed “Money, that’s what I want”.  In 1985, Dire Straits wanted “Money for nothing”. According to the Apostle Paul, it’s claimed that it’s the root of all evil.

No matter how one looks at it and whatever you call it – rand, US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Yen or Rouble, love it or hate it, in modern society, it – money – truly is essential. Everyone needs to make money to pay for goods and services. Without it, virtually no one could support a contemporary lifestyle and all that this entails.

Debt Makes Difficulty Worse

Nowadays, one’s income is used to pay for almost everything – goods, services and debts or loans. If at all possible, one should avoid going into debt to obtain extra funds. A loan may provide temporary relief, but often only makes a difficult situation worse when it’s time to make repayments.

It’s far better to take on an extra job that enables you to make extra money with which to pay your own way, but many are left asking themselves how they might achieve this since reliable part-time work is notoriously scarce.

How to Make That Extra Income

Papillon offers exciting opportunities for freelance agents to distribute our innovative products – an enormous range of top quality perfumes, made from fine imported perfume oils, fragrant lotions with which to layer and personalise perfumes. All are remarkably affordable, increasing the ease with which our distributors earn extra funds and enjoy the benefits of doing so.


  • Quick, convenient online registration process.
  • Select starter kit; pay for it (from as little as R150), receive the testers and off you go, primed to increase your income.
  • Be your own boss, master, or mistress of your own small business empire.
  • Sell in your own area.
  • Set your own working hours.
  • No targets; make extra money from the first and every additional sale. You decide how much you need and work accordingly.
  • Excellent business opportunity for ladies and gents.
  • Annual Boost your Business incentive scheme to win free stock, maximising your profits.
  • Monthly informative and motivational online blog posts on this Papillon website.

Take control of your financial future by making extra money the Papillon way, quickly, easily and at your own pace. Eliminating the “how-to” questions with the Papillon solution will see you smiling all the way to the bank with your profits in hand, month after month for as long as you like, while making financial freedom a liberating part of your life.



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