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Did you know there is more than one way to apply your perfume?

Where you apply your fragrance or perfume can have different effects on the smell and longevity. Fragrance sprayed on your skin interacts differently with fragrance sprayed on your clothes, it smells lighter or slightly different.

To extend your perfume’s smell here are a few handy tips to try:

  1. Apply perfume on your hairbrush

A great tip for making your fragrance long-lasting is spraying your perfume onto your hairbrush.

Alcohol-based perfumes can damage your hair and dry it out. Therefore, we advise you to rather spray your hairbrush as it will transmit the smell without harming your hair. For lightly scented, damage-free hair this tip is a simple step and will ensure you always smell amazing.

  1. Apply perfume on tissue paper

Another great tip is to line dresser draws or cupboards with tissue paper that has your perfume on it.  Spraying tissue paper with your favourite Papillon perfume and storing it in your drawers and cupboards will transfer the fragrance onto your clothes. Never worry about forgetting to apply perfume when your clothes carry your favourite scent.

  1. Spray your clothes with perfume

A great way to keep your scent going all day is to spray your favourite perfume on your clothes. Clothes tend to retain scents really well even after being washed. With your perfumed tissue papers in your drawers, your clothes will have your scent on them and applying an extra spritz on your clothes will refresh the smell. Don’t just spritz perfume on your body, spray it on your clothes.

With these alternative methods, your perfume should last longer and have you feeling fresh all day.

Did you know that where you store your perfume, can affect the smell and duration of your perfume?

Steam from daily showers can negatively impact your perfume’s smell and longevity.

The changing temperatures, water and humidity, can change your perfume’s composition therefore we advise not to store your perfume in your bathroom. It is also important that you don’t store your perfume in direct sunlight, as it can break down your perfume’s makeup. We advise you to store your perfume in a cool, dark, dry place and inside the box, your fragrance came in.


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