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Choosing alternative perfumes

Alternative Perfumes Can Match your Mood and Stretch your Budget

Have you found your ideal, signature perfume? Do you not feel dressed, groomed or complete without it? If so, that’s wonderful. However, have you ever considered choosing an alternative perfume or two? You really should, you know.

Avoiding Over-Familiarity

If you wear the same fragrance day after day, year after year, your nose may become so familiar with your chosen perfume that you’re no longer aware of that special feminine feeling and nuance which a great perfume imparts to the wearer.

Time to Take a Break

It time for a change, (as they say – it’s as good as a holiday). Select something new. This doesn’t mean that you should discard your favourite fragrance (your familiar standby). Just take a break now and then by wearing an alternative perfume. You’ll be amazed at how special and renewed you feel when you’ve found another scent that complements your mood and personality.

Moreover, the next time you use your original signature fragrance, it’ll seem new and unique again, much as it did when you first wore it. Many women prefer to have several alternatives which they use interchangeably, even though they regularly revert to their all-time favourite, with a renewed appreciation of its notes.

Match your Mood

On any given day, a girl may choose and vary her perfume according to the time of day, the season, her style of dress on a particular day, her mood, the occasion and even the colour of her clothing. If a classically styled black garment gives you a feeling of smart sophistication, match your choice of perfume accordingly. Light summer pastels call for soft, subtle and playful fragrances.

Another Take on Alternatives

There’s another take on perfume alternatives. Why pay a not so small fortune for an imported fragrance, when you can acquire a top-quality, locally produced similar scent for far less? Nowadays, with the exchange rate making fully-imported products prohibitively expensive, imported perfume is likely to cost an arm and a leg.

Our South African company, Papillon, has addressed this very issue with remarkable success. This has been accomplished by offering customers a choice of alternative perfumes which are inspired by 69 of the top-selling international branded fragrances, but at a fraction of the original’s price.

Perfume oil is the basis of all good perfumes, so we import all our perfume oil from Europe. The other compounds which are blended and added locally are also of the best quality, thus ensuring that each product retains the longevity and characteristics of the fragrance which serves as its inspiration.

In most cases, the differences are subtle, giving you a new, alternative take on a familiar scent, by adding an additional sense or layer of mystery, and creating previously undreamt of sensory memories.

Our website explains all seven olfactory groups and lists the company’s fragrances alongside that of the internationally branded products which served as the inspiration, as well as the olfactory group to which they belong, thus providing you with simple guidelines to choose your alternative perfumes accurately.

It’s that easy to match or enhance your mood, activities or different outfits, as you can afford separate Papillon fragrances for each!


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