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Choosing a Winter perfume

The choice of the perfume we wear is influenced by our environment, mood or even the outfits we choose. Did you know that the time of year can also play a big role? With winter on its way, you may find you’re looking for a new scent. Here are some suggestions for choosing that perfect fragrance for those colder and darker days of the year!

Choose fragrances that last longer.

Since your skin is drier in the winter months, scents will fade faster. To keep your scent on you for longer, choose a scent that has a heavier aroma. With stronger base notes, these olfactory groups will create fragrances that last for a long time. This means they will have a good hold on clothing such as scarves or sweaters. The most important scents to look out for are sandalwood, leather notes, honey, and cinnamon. If you want to feel like you are sipping on a chai tea, try a spicy vanilla perfume that will comfort you all day.

Choose a scent that is warm and provides a sense of comfort.

You will want a fragrance that creates the same warmth and fuzzy feeling like your favourite winter outfits. If you are looking for a scent that encloses you like a cocoon and guards you from the cold, why not embrace a powdery musk. It will feel like cashmere on your skin.

Papillon’s “warm” category includes scents that have a spicy component, like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom. They are also known as oriental scents and have a rich, exotic smell.

By incorporating the scents mentioned above you might just be able to beat the cold this winter. Stay warm and contact your nearest Papillon Distributor today.


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