March Madness

Make the Most of March Madness Why does it seem that one never has quite enough money to live comfortably, without having to scrimp to afford those extras whenever they occur? To top it all, those extras do have a tendency to occur month after month, unless you have a plan to combat monthly financial …

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happy valentines day

Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2020 Love is not always something which we associate with science, but 2020 is a leap year during which February consists of 29 days, instead of the usual 28. This extra day is included in the Gregorian calendar that’s used in most countries because science indicates that the earth takes slightly …

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Boost Summer Income

Boost your Income this Summer Season Traditionally, winter is the time of year when people tend to stay indoors and cocoon themselves at home with warm clothing, fluffy blankets, comfort foods, and a cup of hot chocolate, usually in front of the television set. Liberated and Transformed In South Africa, we’re lucky that our winters …

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woman's month women with flag cartoon

Women’s Month

Why Have Women’s Month? At Papillon, the preferred affordable perfume and natural skincare providers of many South Africans, we distribute our products through our network of independent agents, who include entrepreneurial folks of both genders, much like our unisex product ranges. However, because this month (August) is National Women’s Month, and the 9th of August …

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A Day Dedicated to Dads

A Day Dedicated to Dads Mom’s special day in May is done and dusted. Throughout the world, the day upon which we celebrate our precious mothers is over for another 11 months. Now, in June, it’s the turn of our other heroes – our strong, reliable and ever-caring fathers. Father’s Day is almost here. What …

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Mother’s Day

Mothers Will Always be Mothers – Spoil Yours Every year, around the world, May is the month during which mothers are celebrated, recognised, and honoured, specifically on Mother’s Day – a special day dedicated to these women. These maternal figures care for, feed, educate, nurture, discipline, and provide unconditional, enduring love to their children. Throughout …

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