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Business Strategy (getting your business post-COVID-19 ready)

Ready to Get Your Business Going After COVID-19

Every business must have a strategy if it is to become or remain profitable and successful. Although “business strategy” sounds like a complicated process, it really is quite straightforward. Your strategy refers to your business plan, which is more easily understood and put in place if you take it step by step.

If or when circumstances change, such as has happened now during the current COVID-19 pandemic and solitude in South Africa and across the world, you need to be flexible enough to adjust your plan – developing a new strategy that meets business needs, as well as your goal – to earn money.

Adjusting, altering, or tweaking your original or previous plan allows you to compensate for unforeseen changes that are beyond your control. Instead, turn these very same changes and challenges into opportunities. As long as you have a business strategy, your future pathway towards achieving your goal is much more manageable.

Strategic Steps

Here are a few strategic steps you should take:

  • Assess your current financial position and establish your goal. Be honest with yourself and ensure that your goal is realistic.
  • Make a list of the steps that you need to take to get from this point to your goal.
  • From time to time, assess how far you have progressed. Make any necessary adjustments to the steps you’ve planned, if required. Your gradual, small successes will motivate you to keep going and not give up on your goals and dreams of achieving ever-increasing success.
  • Use the extra time that you have during the solitude to go through the articles and blogs that we at Papillon post on our web pages every month. They are intended to supply Papillon agents with on-going news and information, whilst helping you to earn a primary or additional income easily, simply and cost-effectively
  • Update your Papillon order and customer sales records.
  • This is the perfect time to strengthen your business relationships with your customers. Use affordable group messaging like WhatsApp to find out how they are, how they’re coping during the solitude, and wish them well.
  • Little things mean a lot when times are difficult. Customers remember those who give them moral support.

After COVID-19

You may want to remind your customers that you’re still open for very affordable Papillon perfume orders during the solitude. We’ll be delighted to receive your orders, which will be ready for dispatch once the situation has normalised.

Above all, remember that this COVID-19 pandemic won’t last forever. That’s why it’s important to get your business ready to take off again on the road to success and financial freedom after COVID-19 and the solitude have ended.


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