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Brand New Papillon Starter Pack Options

As and when you get to know Papillon and our innovative, exciting products better, you’ll soon realise that we’re constantly introducing new ranges, sales aids, and current, helpful information to better equip our independent agents and distributors to succeed.

We keep our proverbial ear to the ground, as it were, and we listen to the needs of our agents, so that we can give them the required tools to establish and grow their own business ventures.

At the same time, our distributors are able to provide their customers with great products, informed advice, interesting facts, and new developments and trends, as well as suggestions to maximise their experience and enjoyment of Papillon’s daily essentials and affordable indulgences.

Sharing New Angles, Knowledge, and Perspectives

Very long ago, the phrase “knowledge is power”, or its rough Latin equivalent, was accredited to the writings of Sir Francis Bacon, reputedly in 1597. This commonplace saying is as true today as it was some four and a half centuries earlier. It’s another reason why we regularly share new angles and interesting perspectives on our Papillon ranges of products and effective distribution with you, our valued network of distributors.

Extending Papillon’s Starter Pack Selection

 Our standard Papillon starter pack, previously named “Business in a Box”, remains as popular as ever, because it is really comprehensive and is currently (2017) available under a new name, the Large Starter Pack.

Large Pack – R700

  • Elegant silver cosmetics case with fabric drawstring bag.
  • Pure skin information guide, plus fragrance list.
  • 69 testers in 5-ml atomisers – the entire fragrance range.
  • 50 anonymous business cards, upon which to enter your contact details for future customer reference.
  • Order/receipt book, plus Papillon silver pen.
  • 100 testing strips for customers who prefer not to test fragrances directly on their skin.
  • Small container with fresh coffee beans, the recognised method by which customers neutralise olfactory senses between the testing of different perfumes.

Medium Starter Pack – R350

  •  2 fabric drawstring bags.
  • Pure skin information guide and full fragrance list.
  • 30 of our top-selling fragrance atomisers/testers, also in 5-ml sizes, and consisting of 20 of the most popular female perfumes and 10 testers of sought-after male fragrances.
  • Booklet containing 100 smelling/testing strips.

Small Starter Set – R150

  •  Pure skin information guide and complete fragrance list.
  • 15 atomisers/testers of 5 ml, comprising of the top 10 fragrances for ladies and 5 top sellers applicable to males.

We’ve recognised that the full starter pack that costs R700 may be a little beyond your means, or that you’d prefer to “test your potential perfume market”, before embarking on a new venture with a more comprehensive testing range, which is why we’re happy to introduce 3 starter pack sizes to assist you when and where it really matters. Your success will be ours too.

*All prices are subject to change.



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