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Boost Your Income – Supply Papillon Perfumes

Many people in South Africa are starting to panic a little when they think about how on earth they’ll manage to meet all the expenses awaiting them in December. Are you one of them? Let’s explore why and what you can do about changing this situation by selling Papillon perfumes here and now, and enabling yourself to look forward to a lovely festive season, spent with friends and family, without worrying too much about money.

Times are Tough

Financially speaking, times are rather tough right now, as we enter the last couple of months before the festive season. The end-of-year period is also the most expensive time of year, because learners and students have their longest holiday, where they will probably ask their parents for spending money.

Then there are more items and events to consider – Christmas gifts to be bought, special food treats, and Christmas dinner, which often includes extended family members, like Granny, Grandpa, uncles, aunts, and nieces and nephews. You need extra money.

This extra “spend” does not end with Christmas and New Year celebrations. January is next after a very costly holiday season. School fees, books, stationery, and uniforms are part and parcel of January’s budget. It’s now even more important to have extra funds.

Papillon Perfume Suppliers

Selling and supplying Papillon’s ranges of exceptionally affordable ladies’, gents’. and unisex perfumes has proved to be a perfect solution to many people who need extra money for all sorts of reasons – people just like you. The quality and ingredients of our perfume and fragranced lotion ranges are the same (and in some cases, possibly better) than many of the big brand products.

This is why our Papillon perfume is long-lasting perfume, not eau de toilette, which is much weaker. You might wonder how we are able to supply such great perfume at such affordable prices that are well within the budgets of almost everyone who loves fragrances.

Unlike other big brand perfumes, we cut the costs and thus the price of our products, which you – the direct Papillon distributor or supplier – provide to your customers. Papillon avoids costly steps in the perfume supply process that add to the price and would otherwise be passed on to you and your customer.

Here are a couple of the ways that we are able to cut costs:

  • Our bottles, containers, and packaging are smart, but simple, because fancy packaging adds to the price, while the user is more interested in the actual perfume.
  • Our perfumes don’t pass through numerous hands before reaching you and the customers that you supply. There are no fancy packaging designers, wholesalers, distribution companies, massively costly advertising campaigns, or expensive retail shop rentals and staff salaries, which all increase supply and selling prices.

Win-Win All the Way

All these cost savings are reflected in our prices, without any negative effect on your profit margin. Most of the profit margin is passed on to you – our independent Papillon sales agent and customer supplier. It’s also easy and affordable to become a Papillon supplier. Just follow three steps online. The customer also enjoys an excellent perfume range at a remarkably affordable price – it’s a win-win situation for you, your end-of-year budget, December and January expenses, and everyone else, all the way, with Papillon perfumes


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