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Being a Papillon Perfume Distributor

The Fabulous Freedom of Being a Papillon Perfume Distributor

Although perfume distributors come in a variety of guises, performing their roles in various ways, they all have one thing in common – they all distribute perfume, as indicated by their job title. Growers of fragrant flowers from which fragrances and essential plant oils are extracted, cultivate, care for, and harvest their aromatic crops.

Typical Distribution Process

The perfume manufacturers blend their ingredients to design and develop their perfumes, after which their products are bottled, packaged, and sold to wholesalers, who in turn sell to perfume distributors – usually retail outlets. This latter group are responsible for perfume distribution during the traditional distribution process.

Upon the release of a perfume and depending on the various companies involved, extensive and very expensive perfume advertising and marketing campaigns are typically launched via the media. The purpose of marketing initiatives serves to make the perfume-buying and perfume-wearing customers aware of existing and new products, to the extent that each fragrance becomes a desirable must-have purchase for as many people as possible.

Alternative Independent Perfume Distributors

Papillon perfumes utilise the services and expertise of independent perfume distributors – eliminating the need for a middle man or wholesaler. By cutting out the middlemen, there’s a huge cost saving, which is one of the reasons why our fine fragrances are available to customers at such remarkably affordable prices.

As independent perfume distributors, our agents are not employed by Papillon. They are freelance agents, who are free to decide when, where, and how to distribute our products in their own time, according to a schedule or plan that best suits them.

Simple, Straightforward Distribution

Perfume distribution may be full time or part time. It is a way to provide the agent’s primary, entire income or just extra money if the distributor is formally employed somewhere else on a full-time basis. Papillon’s distribution process is simple and straightforward. The process is explained below:

  • Papillon holds stock of our vast range of perfumes, fragranced lotions, and natural skincare products.
  • Our distributors register online with Papillon and pay for their selected perfume starter pack. When they have received it, they’re equipped and ready to begin selling and distributing to whomever they please, whenever it suits them.
  • We also provide distributors with recommended selling prices, as a guideline, without setting sales or commission targets. The more you sell, the more you earn. This decision is entirely yours.
  • Our products are exceptionally affordable for distributors and customers alike. After placing your order, you pay for is the products at prices that are lower than the suggested affordable selling price to customers.
  • We regularly provide our perfume distributors with helpful information, hints, and tips to maximise their sales and better serve their customers.

Your Success

Remember, at Papillon, we’re committed to helping you achieve your perfume distribution goals and financial success. Your success is important to us, because your success is a major measure of our success too. The two are permanently linked. Become a Papillon perfume distributor today. You have nothing to lose.


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