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Become a Perfume Distributor

Need a Flexible Opportunity to Earn Extra Money – Become a Perfume Distributor

Christmas and the festive or holiday season are behind you and you have an entire year ahead of you. That’s 365 days, 52 weeks, or 12 months. However you look at it, it’s still a whole year. Now, it’s back to reality, some of which may be a little bit hard, cold, and tough, especially if you’ve spoilt your family and loved ones during the Christmas holidays, as most people tend to do.

January – the Longest Month

Financially speaking, January feels like the longest month of the year to almost everyone. If you’re permanently employed, it’s a long, long time until your payday at the end of this never-ending month – even if you have managed to stay within your December budget. People tend to think of December as the most expensive month, but in reality, January is expensive too.

There are school (or college or university) fees, uniforms, footwear, books, and stationery, as well as packed school lunches and transport costs, that must be met on behalf of your children. Running your household requires money. Your bond or rent and utilities must be paid, and you need food on the table and money to get to and from work, at the very least.

Earning Extra Money to Cover Costs

Chances are high that you need to earn extra money to help you cover your costs, but how do you earn it at a time when unemployment statistics are so high and jobs are so hard to come by in South Africa? You need a solution – one that enables you to earn extra money in your own time. We offer just such a solution at Papillon.

Becoming a Papillon Distributor

There’s no need to panic about earning extra money to cover your expenses and the cost of living. Panic is probably the worst feeling to have when you’re facing a problem, especially a need for extra money or even your total income. Remember, a positive attitude benefits you; one that’s negative makes everything worse.

At Papillon, we’re confident that success awaits you and your positive attitude. After registering with Papillon, and ordering and paying for your sales kit, you will join the ranks of profitable Papillon perfume distributors. You will be able to earn money from your very first sale onwards, without having to achieve sales targets set by a boss who looks over your shoulder all the time.

Becoming a Papillon distributor enables you to decide how much extra money you want to earn, and when and where you want to sell our range of first-class, very affordable perfumes. Via our website, we support you with blogs and articles that contain helpful tips and guidelines on how to sell and distribute Papillon’s perfumes easily and effectively, armed with your belief in your products and yourself.

Distributing our affordable perfumes and earning extra money to help you cover your costs is simple and straightforward. Start with family members, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. Ask for referrals to broaden your customer base, stay in contact with them via WhatsApp, and build good relationships with your customers.

Soon, you’ll see your successful small business grow, bringing in extra money for whatever you need, throughout the year. The costly December and January extras don’t need to be a problem again. You can even earn enough extra money to spoil yourself with a special perfume.


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