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Be Best at Boosting Your Business

How do you know whether you’re amongst the best at boosting your business? Does it really matter to you? Our successful Papillon product sales and distribution agents – especially the previous winners of our annual Papillon Boost Your Business Competition – know the answers to both questions and are happy to share with you what this win-win competition and our product sales have meant to them thus far.

1st Place Winner – Kabafentse Phemelo

 “It was a privilege to be one of the winners. With this opportunity, I managed to contribute to my dream house, which is now almost complete. This encourages me to work even harder than before, as I will now come up with more effective strategies of how to grow my business. Thank you, Papillon.”

 2nd Place – Charlotee Tapfuma

“I joined Papillon in 2018 and it has been a tremendous journey. I really thank God for this opportunity. I’d been in financial bondage, but now I’m free, because of Papillon. My life has really changed financially and character-wise. Now, my son is now in high school and I’m able to help my husband with school expenses, as well as afford eating out with my family. This business moulds my character positively, because I meet many different people with different personalities, and it has taught me to maintain a sweet, pleasant disposition. Thanks to Papillon, I’m a better person.”

3rd Place – Nini Tsotsetsi

“At the end of May last year, I started selling Papillon products. After joining, I learned that the Boost Your Business Competition was already under way, but I told myself that I wanted a top-5 winning spot, irrespective of the month of joining. After working hard and pushing my sales, I achieved the 3rd position in the competition. Some of my winner’s stock was sold in December, and I used some stock to reward customers with free perfume ‘thank you’ gifts. In January, I used sales profits to buy my daughter stationery and school uniforms, and for the family, fun outings. Thank you, Papillon.”

4th Place – Theresia Moseli

“As a single mum of three girls, the Boost Your Business Competition helped me a lot, because I made R3 360 and won stock worth R2 000. Stress-free, I was able to afford all my kids’ Christmas clothes and school uniforms. Not only that, but I also met more people who ended up registering with Papillon. I’m my own boss and have decided to go bigger this year. I don’t regret being part of the Papillon family, and it is so easy to sell their products. Thumbs up, Papillon.”

 Almost No Extra Effort

 It’s so easy to earn extra rewards with our Boost Your Business Competition, as it requires almost no extra effort. Your customers order from you and you order from and pay Papillon, as usual. The total of all your orders from January until the 31st of October 2019 determines which who the winners will be this year.


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