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Back to School, Back to Reality

Be Financially Prepared for the Back-to-School Expenses

In a flash, the December holidays, festive season and New Year celebrations have come and gone, which means that it’s time to face the responsibilities and financial realities of 2020. For many, it begins with getting prepared to send children back to school, which is always an expensive time, especially after the big Christmas spend.

Suddenly, it’s back to reality, a reality that may be rather harsh if you find yourself more than a little out of pocket and a whole month before your next payday – if you’re fortunate enough to have permanent employment, that is. In any event, this time in a new year and its related seasonal expenses – books and stationery, fees and uniforms – are imminent.

Papillon Has a Plan with a Purpose

But, there’s no need to despair. Papillon has a plan to beat the back-to-school reality’s financial rigours, despite the tough economic conditions that plague most South Africans. Enabling you to get back onto your financial feet is the principal purpose and aim of our practical, easy Papillon plan – boosting your income.

What You Need

There are four things you need to help you recover after the festive season, as well as increase your income. They are:

  1. The desire and determination to improve your finances.
  2. A circle of family, friends, and acquaintances is a great way to build and grow a solid customer base.
  3. Quality products that you believe in, which you can sell and distribute at affordable prices. You don’t have to be a highly experienced, born salesperson, because Papillon’s ranges of products virtually sell themselves. Introducing products to potential customers is your primary function as a Papillon agent.
  4. A modest sum of money – R150, R350 or R700 – to register as an agent and get your Papillon starter pack. The respective starter pack prices apply to the Small, Medium and Large starter pack. As your small, independent business grows, you can always obtain more tester atomisers from us, thereby expanding your product line and offering your clientele a greater selection.

Simply register online to become a Papillon distributor and begin an exciting new enterprise as a money-earning entrepreneur, working in your own time and area, and earning as much as you wish. What a great way to begin your new year! No more boss looking over your shoulder. No more ever-increasing sales targets. And no more back to school worries.


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