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Appreciating Your Customers

Letting Your Customers Know That You Appreciate Their Support

Saying “thank you” to another person is more than the right thing to do when someone gives or passes you something, wishes you well, gives you congratulations like “happy birthday” or “happy anniversary”, opens a door, pulls up a chair or gives up a seat for you, provides you with a service, or helps and/or supports you. It’s polite and courteous. Giving thanks shows your appreciation and reflects a good character, upbringing, and good manners.

In almost all countries in the world, “please” and “thank you” are a few of the most important words which express sentiments and feelings that you’ll need to get by, because politeness and acknowledging appreciation are universally part and parcel of most cultures and societies.

In the Customer’s Shoes

Put yourself in a customer’s shoes. Don’t you get a good, positive feeling when a service provider or supplier thanks you sincerely for giving them your business? In fact, you’re likely to buy from this polite person again, as well as recommend that your family and friends also support them. You must never be false when showing your appreciation, but letting you customers know that you value their support may well generate a lot more business for you in the future.

Keep Customer Records

Although it’s a lovely idea to give a small gift as a token of appreciation, this is too expensive for most people, especially when the business expands and you have many customers. As a Papillon distributor, you should keep records of your customers, their birthdays, and their buying patterns, whilst also regularly communicating with them via WhatsApp groups or similar cost-effective means.

Saying “Thank You”

At Papillon, we have a few suggestions to kick-start your thoughts about ways of letting your clients know that you appreciate their support. Greeting cards are also expensive, so why not include a “thank you” with your WhatsApp or SMS messages, or attach a similar message, printed via your computer, to customers’ products before you deliver their orders? Such messages could include the following:

  • “Enjoy wearing your Papillon perfume as much as I’ve enjoyed assisting you in making your choice!”
  • “Happy birthday! Whenever you decide to spoil yourself too, remember that I always look forward to helping you select a fragrance that reflects your lovely, warm personality.”
  • “I highly appreciate your support and assure you of my best attention whenever you wish to test, try, or buy our products.”
  • “Thank you very much for your order.”

The list of appropriate messages to convey your appreciation to your customers is endless. Let your mind and imagination go; you’ll come up with many more and sincere ways to let your customers know how much their support means to you.


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