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Affordable Pampering with Papillon’s Skincare Products & Perfumes

Are you finding it tricky to afford those items that add something special to your life – products which help you maintain and improve your skin’s health and appearance, and others that make you feel really feminine and desirable? If so, you’re not alone.

Many South African women find themselves in the same boat, struggling to balance the budget and make ends meet, thereby putting their own needs, wants, and spoils last, while prioritising seeing to those of their families and dependants. Modern women regard good skincare as essential – not a luxury, and most don’t feel complete and well-groomed without wearing a whiff of their own, individual signature perfume.

Additionally, today’s article applies equally to Papillon customers and our network of part- and full-time agents, who see to it that the customers in their areas have easy access to their effective skincare and affordable perfume requirements. It’s also important that both Papillon customers and Papillon agents recognise the respective advantages of buying, using, and distributing our top-quality, affordable perfumes and natural skincare products.

Customers’ Advantages

  •  The opportunity to test and try an extensive range of fine perfumes at your leisure, by arrangement at your workplace, at a Papillon party, hosted by a friend or at your own home, or another mutually agreed upon venue.
  • Guidance and suggestions from your Papillon agent and our easy-to-follow comparison chart to help you shortlist and identify fragrances that suit your taste, personality, style, preference, occasion, and mood.
  • Develop your own signature fragrance or fragrance nuances by layering with our fragrant lotions.
  • A comprehensive introduction to Papillon’s range of gentle, skincare solutions, which are loaded with natural plant and herbal ingredients that are effective, yet kind to the skin – naturally, and your pocket – affordably.
  • You can look, feel, and smell sensational every day, with Papillon’s exceptionally affordable skincare products and perfumes.

Benefits for Agents

  • Papillon agents have the opportunity to earn extra money or their entire income independently, in their own time and own businesses, without a boss looking over their shoulders.
  • They’re also able to afford those special extras and spoils for themselves, and/or their monthly necessities and financial commitments.
  • By distributing Papillon skincare products and perfumes, you can build up savings to reinvest in your business or pay for anything else that you may not have been able to afford before.
  • Papillon’s perfumes and skincare solutions are easy to sell, because you have quality products in which you can believe, while having the satisfaction of supplying your customers with excellent merchandise that’s amazingly affordable, giving users a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction too.
  • Once a distributor registers with us, the agent purchases an affordable Small, Medium, or Large Starter Pack, which enables her/him to introduce, demonstrate, and sell perfumes to customers, who have the opportunity to test and try directly with their distributor.

Whether you’re a loyal or new Papillon customer, or one of our nationwide agents, our skincare products and fine perfumes are the key to pampering yourself affordably with those extras that are actually essential to looking as good as you feel, when you’re feeling just great – every day – because this is what you deserve.


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