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Affordable Luxury

There is a great deal that goes into making and selling perfume, it is as much a business as it is a work of art. Original branded perfumes are expensive due to many reasons however it ultimately comes down to what the consumers, are willing to pay for. Factors that contribute to inflated prices are:

The Cost of Manufacturing Perfume

While this is an obvious fact, we often fail to realize that perfumers have to actually make the perfumes! Manufacturing perfumes impact the price as running costs need to be covered.  Larger fashion houses have their own master perfumer, but many outsource their scents to big fragrance companies. In most cases, these corporations charge brands for their formulas, all at a markup that is passed on to consumers.

Luxury Packaging

In the sea of perfume bottles on retail shelves, a beautiful package can elevate a product’s experience and make it stand out in a competitive market. Many of the most expensive scents come in crystal bottles and feature diamonds and gold embellishments.

Advertising on a million-dollar scale

The marketing of perfumes can cost a company millions. Expensive ads and celebrity spokespersons are part of their marketing budgets. Many brands market perfumes the same way they market art or very fine wines, even producing only a limited number of bottles. As a result of the exclusivity, buyers with lavish tastes are consistently more than willing to pay a premium price-perhaps for the bragging rights that come with owning something so desirable.

At Papillon we create affordable luxury by focussing what goes into the bottle. We bring you perfumes inspired by popular fragrances from around the world. By sourcing only the best quality perfume oil we ensure you can enjoy your favourite perfume and still smell like a million dollars. Our products are locally produced and bottled, making them a truly affordable South African product.

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