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A Gift of Perfume is a Gift from the Heart

As always, we at Papillon are delighted to have regular opportunities to share helpful, informative information with our Papillon agents (and others who may be interested). It’s in everyone’s interest to receive news and snippets of information every month about matters that are of interest to many – our sales agents and their customers.

Typical Papillon customers are women, as well as men, everywhere in South Africa, where women’s month is celebrated in August, and ladies are given precious Papillon perfume gifts to commemorate this special month that honours them.

These lovely ladies include wives, girlfriends and good friends, special sisters, devoted daughters, grannies and wise great grandmothers, and any other significant lady who deserves to be treated to and spoiled with a gift of great perfume during this month in which we recognise and celebrate them.

Whether it’s women’s month or not, gifts that include or consist only of Papillon perfume are always welcome and appreciated. Our range of fragrances is extensive – catering for all seven olfactory groups and also including a collection of fragrance lotions, which are somewhat lighter and ideal for layering in combination with one of our long-lasting perfumes.

 Your Own Unique Signature

 By layering fragrances lotions with perfumes, clients are able to create their own unique signature fragrances to suit every occasion, season, time of day, and mood. Moreover, our products are so affordable that your potential signature scent layering combinations are almost endless.

Your handwritten signature, the way in which you sign your name on official documents, is completely unique to you and you alone. No 100% identical copy is possible to the trained eye of an expert handwriting analyst. Your one-of-a-kind signature belongs to and is a part of you that’s almost as unique as a fingerprint.

Wouldn’t it be exciting and fun to create your own signature scent with your Women’s Month perfume gift as the foundation of your aromatic signature? It’s easy for you and your clients to release your creative genius with our fragrances, which are remarkably affordable.

Really Affordable

In fact, just to give you an idea of how well priced our scented products really are, you can virtually calculate our average recommended selling prices at only about 10% of the costs of imported, big brand fragrances that carry very hefty retail price tags.

Never Sacrificing Quality

It’s also important for our agents to remind their customers that we don’t sacrifice any aspect of quality to keep prices low at Papillon. Our agents aren’t selling inferior products made of inferior ingredients. The quality of our long-lasting scents is maintained, but how do we achieve this at such low prices?

We don’t claim to produce copies of original scents, but we do use the same or generic European perfume oils that were used in the original products when their patents expire or when the producer didn’t get the contract to supply the major fragrance suppliers overseas. Thus, our input costs are kept low and we legally avoid high import tariffs on luxury goods.

Our elegant packaging is simple, clean, and smart. We sell perfumes for daily use and as special gifts for Women’s Month, as well as any other memorable occasion or month when one likes to give a gift for extremely affordable prices – a winning solution for agents, customers, and lovers of fine fragrances.



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