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A Distributors’ Guide to Choosing the Right Supplier

A Distributors’ Guide to Choosing the Right Supplier

Traditional retailers, via their stores, serve as a product distribution point, whilst they employ saleswomen and men to sell the products that the outlet acquires to hold in stock and offer for sale to customers. But, at Papillon, we work differently to sell and distribute our affordable perfumes, fragranced lotions, and skin care products.

Instead, we save on costs and offer clients affordable prices by supplying our products to customers via our network of independent agents, who both sell and distribute our merchandise directly to the customers. Through this hands-on distribution method, customers benefit from personal service, low, low prices, and great products.

However, when choosing a supplier, distributors must keep in mind that they’re not selling the price of the products. They should make sure that they’re distributing a top-quality product from a well-established, reliable supplier, who isn’t just here today and gone tomorrow. Distributing for an unreliable supplier spells doom if they don’t keep to promises and stand by their products.

The Right Supplier with the Right Products

Regardless of whose products they sell, independent distributors need to make an income, which is why they need to make sure that they’ve chosen the right supplier, otherwise, things can go horribly wrong. Customers sometimes think that the cheapest goods are their best option, especially when budgets are tight. This is not true. It’s up to the distributors to find the right supplier with the right, fairly-priced products that offer value for money.

What about quality? What’s the use of the cheapest perfume that doesn’t last or a skincare product that irritates the skin and isn’t effective? Papillon only uses the same type of imported perfume oils that are used by famous big brands to make sure that the fragrance is more concentrated than an eau de toilette and therefore lasts longer, and our skincare products are loaded with natural ingredients, scientifically proven to be effective.

Before choosing a supplier, distributors should check whether the suppliers are registered with SARS for Ad Valorem Excise Duty, which applies to luxury goods such as perfume and skincare products. Those who aren’t will probably be in for large penalty and interest payments that may sink their business when found out.

Also check their lead times for supplying goods, whether they have a well-stocked storage facility, and whether distributors only earn money after achieving sales targets, which may be difficult to attain.

Does the supplier have a professional website and Facebook page? This will show that the right supplier spends money on their marketing projects because they’re just as serious about business as you are. You need to take these factors into account when you’re choosing the right supplier with the right products and credentials for your distribution business.


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