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A Day Dedicated to Dads

A Day Dedicated to Dads

Mom’s special day in May is done and dusted. Throughout the world, the day upon which we celebrate our precious mothers is over for another 11 months. Now, in June, it’s the turn of our other heroes – our strong, reliable and ever-caring fathers.

Father’s Day is almost here. What will you be doing on Father’s Day this year? Perhaps you’ll prepare a meal for him at home that includes his favourite foods. Maybe you’ll take dad and your immediate family out for a meal at his favourite restaurant. Or, are you thinking of buying your dad a gift – a present that will remind him of you and your love for him whenever he uses it?

All About Fathers

We don’t wish to take away the importance and enjoyment of shared meals and family get-togethers on Father’s Day. This day is all about fathers, but without family, they wouldn’t be fathers in the first place, so a family get-together in honour of dad is the essence of this special day.

Father’s Day Gifts

At Papillon, we’d like to suggest that you include some or several of our products in your Father’s Day’s gestures of affection and appreciation for your dad.

Introduce, Educate, and Spoil

Although many South African men were initially a little slow and hesitant to pay attention to the finer points of smelling good and caring for their skin, this is changing rapidly. Nowadays, increasing numbers of men of all ages are recognising the benefits of both. However, if the dad(s) in your life has not yet adopted a good skincare routine, as well as a habit of wearing a refreshing men’s fragrance, Father’s Day is the ideal time to introduce, educate, and spoil him with a Papillon gift.

You still have time to buy your Father’s Day gifts from your local Papillon distributor, providing that you act now. Our principal fragrance range consists of 70 scents, across the seven olfactory groups. A handy coding system indicates which scents are designed specifically for women or men, and which are unisex. We also specify which big brand of perfume served as the inspiration behind our scents, which are nonetheless unique Papillon blends.

As an additional spoil, we’re including free sample sizes of some of our Papillon natural skincare products with the purchase of our perfumes – a great way to introduce fathers to the importance and benefits of adopting a good, healthy daily skincare routine with affordable Papillon skincare solutions. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.


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