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19 New Fragrances Launched by Papillon

Our latest launch of 19 exciting new fragrances probably doesn’t come as a complete surprise to our agents of long standing, simply because they know full well that we’re constantly on the lookout for new additions to our collections of fine perfumes, fabulous fragranced lotions, and exceptionally effective, natural skincare products.

Hot on the Heels

In fact, this latest launch comes hot on the heels of our introduction of the latter range last year, which was preceded by the addition of our Papillon fragranced lotions. Our new launch means that all our agents, existing and new, have that much more to offer their discerning customers, especially those who love their perfumes or have an adventurous spirit, always eager to test and try something new and completely unique.


Despite being inspired by well-known brand fragrances that are produced overseas and imported by South African retail perfumeries, our perfumes are indeed unique. The inclusion of the brand names is strictly for comparison purposes, intended to serve as guidelines only, representative of each olfactory group.

Imported European Perfume Oils

All our fragrances, including those which have just been launched by Papillon, continue to be produced from the finest, imported European perfume oils – the only real similarity between our fragrances and those which are manufactured abroad and imported to the local marketplace.

Unique Characteristics

One should also keep in mind that any and every fragrance also adopts a rather unique and individual characteristic, once applied and worn for up to an hour or so, because each wearer’s individual body chemistry reacts differently to a specific fragrance’s formulation.

Olfactory Groups

  • Aromatic – typical grass/spicy notes enhanced by fragrance extracts, including sage, lavender, cumin, citrus, and rosemary. This is a favourite with gents, as well as ladies who love fresh, greener fragrance notes. Categories – Aromatic Aquatic, Green, Spicy, Fruity and Fougère.
  • Citrus – sharper, tart notes for gents, florals for ladies, produced by extracts of lemon, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, and bergamot. Categories – Citrus Gourmand and Aromatic.
  • Woody – exotic sandalwood, fragrant cedar, and other balmy wood notes combine well with citrus and spicy extracts. Categories – Woody Aromatic, Floral Musk, Chypre, Spicy, and Aquatic.
  • Floral – a ladies’ perennial favourite and as such, the largest olfactory group, consisting of numerous fundamental notes – freshly picked blooms, floral fruity, floral-aldehyde, or green, powdery, or aquatic essences. Categories – Floral Green, Aquatic, Woody Musk, Fruity Gourmand, Fruity, and Floral Aldehyde.
  • Chypre – named after the 1917 perfume launched by Coty, which is proof of the enduring power of a perfume name/brand. The base notes of this group consist of oakmoss, bergamot, and patchouli. Categories – Chypre Fruity and Floral.
  • Oriental – mysterious, exotic, sensual, and warm notes of resins, wood, musk, and vanilla with an amber base, often including floral or spicy extracts. Categories – Oriental Woody, Spicy, Floral, Vanilla, and Fougère.
  • Leather – earthy, leathery notes are combined with soft florals or smoky, tart elements, traditionally used to hide the malodorous ingredients once used to tan hides.

The 19 new fragrances launched by Papillon have been incorporated in the fragrance lists on our website. We urge our agents to introduce them to their customers – an excellent opportunity to boost your sales and promote customer/Papillon brand loyalty.


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