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  • This Refer and Earn Promotion applies only to registered and active Papillon Agents.
  • The referred Agent must apply online and pay for their Starter pack (The referring Agent must assist the referred Agent in the registration process, any applications done by Papillon disqualifies a referral).
  • Once the referred Agent has reached their R1000 spend, you will receive a coupon code to the value of R500. The coupon expires after 30 days.
  • Please note that referral bonusses are calculated at the end of each month, whereafter we send out all coupon codes to relevant agents.
  • The referred Agent must spend R1000 within 31 days of application date.
  • The referring Agent must be active with at least 20 units ordered in the last 2 months.
  • No returns and/or exchanges will be allowed for purchases that this credit applies to.
  • Normal delivery charges will apply.
  • The credit is not redeemable in cash.


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