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Papillon offers you an exciting and profitable way to earn an extra income, supplement your existing income or product range or be your own boss, by selling our range of exceptional quality perfume products. We do not sell directly to the public or in any retail outlets, instead, we only supply products through our Distributor network.
The Papillon Business Opportunity requires no registration cost or major investment, other than purchasing a tester kit.
Papillon means “Butterfly” in French and just like the butterfly transforms from a cocoon into a symbol of beauty, inspiration and desire – it is our wish that these products, and being a Papillon Distributor, will have the same liberating effect on your finances and be of great value to you and your family.

Affordable Luxury

Papillon brings you perfumes inspired by popular fragrances from around the world. Our perfumes only contain compounds of superior quality and longevity at affordable prices. We have a wide range of perfumes to choose from. Papillon not only offers his and hers luxury perfumes at affordable prices, but our perfumes contain only pure European imported perfume oils, are locally produced and bottled, making it a truly affordable South African product.

Tester Kits

We have 3 tester kit options to match your needs and financial position. If you want to be a Papillon Distributor you have to buy a tester kit, it is a handy sales tool that will help you create orders.

The Small starter kit is R150 and includes:

15 x 5mls

(10 top selling female perfume testers + 5 top selling male perfume testers)

product catalogue
in a material bag

The Medium starter pack is R350 and includes:

30 x 5mls

(20 top selling female perfume testers and 10 top selling male perfume testers)

product catalogue
1 book of 100 smelling strips

If customers do not want to test perfume on their skin.

The Large starter pack is R700 and includes:

a Stylish silver cosmetic case
product catalogue
70 x 5ml

(complete Papillon perfume range testers)

50 anonymous business cards

(to promote your business & ensure that customers contact you for repeat orders)

An order / receipt book

(To keep track of your orders, payments and customers information)

1 branded pen
1 book of 100 smelling strips

(If customers do not want to test perfume on their skin)

Container with Coffee beans

(For customers to neutralize their sense of smell when testing different fragrances)

Agent Reviews of Papillon

10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Papillon Distributor

Huge Market

With potential customers from all demographics (age, sex, education level, income level and race)

Top Quality

We only source the highest quality compounds for all our products.

Excellent Value

Original branded perfume have become unaffordable due to the weakening of the rand, inflation and the increase of luxury goods tax. Our products are on average 5 times less expensive than original branded products but of comparable quality. It is important to note that this is a word-of mouth product (the quality and value proposition, therefore, sells the product)

Low Start-up Costs

For as little as R150 (incl. VAT & delivery, Nationally only), you can:
• Be your own boss.
• On your own time: Part-time of full-time.
• Supplement your existing product range.
• Decide how big or small you want the opportunity to be – the sky is the limit!

Easy To Sell

Anyone can be a distributor.

Excellent Profits

Between R60 – R90 per unit depending on the products ordered.

Free Marketing Tools

Free access to personalised marketing tools and designs and well-developed FAQ blog – to promote your business and help you succeed.

Secure Online Ordering

Safe, secure online ordering Portal for our Distributors.

Nationwide Delivery

Easy online parcel tracking so you know where your order is at all times.

Proven Business Model

Our business model is straight forward and easy to understand with hundreds of success stories.


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