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Marketing downloads

The images below were specifically created for Registered Resellers to download and use. Please make sure that you comply with our BRANDING AND MARKETING GUIDELINES at all times.

Please note that Papillon is a registered trademark (2013/24976 Class3) therefore, the copying or downloading of any graphics, photographs, images, messaging, text, or any other content from any Papillon Material including Papillon websites or Social media platforms are not permitted without express written permission from Papillon.  This includes copying the Papillon color palette and the Papillon corporate logo for use on Reseller marketing.

The images on the page below may be downloaded and used to share on Social media as posts or distributed as messages on messaging apps.  Please note that the images below are not suitable for use in any marketing campaigns. If you want to create any advertising campaign, please email us with the detail of the campaign (the type of campaign, wording that you want to use, pictures, and area radius).

Please email any questions or specific requests to or WhatsApp us on 0813891969.

Free marketing images

Reseller Logos

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Logo flowers | Logo gold | Logo black | Logo white

Customised logo & Cellphone lock screen

Send a photo of you to for a customised logo. Photos with neutral backgrounds work best.

Customised Whatsapp status updates

Send contact info to for a customised images. 

Tare Off Advertising

Send us an email with contact info to for a customised document which you can print in colour.

Marketing images Lock screen Strong
Phone screenlock | screensaver

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Strong woman 1 | Strong woman 2| Never Forget | Keep Calm

Facebook Banners

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Floral mix | City Lights | Smoky | Lights 1 | Lights 2Rose | Valentine

Fragranced Lotions

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Hand & Nail Cream | Body Butter  | Fresh New | Fresh New 2

Hand Sanitisers

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without price

Valentines day

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Valentines 1 | Valentines 2 | Valentines 3

Women’s day

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Happy Women’s day 1 | Happy Women’s day 2 | Happy Women’s day 3


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Happy Mothersday


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Spring 1 | Spring 2 | Spring 3


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Summer 1 | Summer 2 | Summer 3

Christmas 2023

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Christmas video

Happy New Year 2024

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New Year 2024 video


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